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Ramadan 2024

Do not worry if you visit Egypt during Ramadan. It's always fun, interesting, and even frugal

Dates: March 10-April 8, 2024

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If you happen to visit Egypt during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, be ready to follow the rules and respect the local culture. Ramadan is a time of piousness, modesty, charity, and self-restraint. Some tourists avoid traveling during this period since alcohol and some foods are unavailable. Egyptians realize that most of their guests are not Muslim. That's why most of the restaurants and cafes stay open during the day and night. After-sunset prayers and evening fast-breaking parties are held both at private homes and public establishments, people become very active at night as most cafes are open until morning. This also applies to shops. Besides, the prices tend to be lower during Ramadan as a nice bonus. Double-check the dates of the Muslim calendar before planning your trip ahead in order to know exactly when Ramadan will take place in Egypt and plan your trip accordingly.

One interesting symbol of Ramadan is Fanous, beautiful lanterns in all sizes and in different colours. Muslims use them to decorate their homes, cafés, and mosques. During evenings Fanous give a truly magical feeling—kids also play with them and sing special Ramadan songs. There are special platters and sweets that are related to the month of Ramadan. The most famous are Qatayef, Zalabia, Konafa, as well as Khoshaf—a kind of fruit salad made out of a mix of dried figs, dates, raisins and apricots soaked in water. One famous Ramadan drink made out of apricot fruit leather is Amar El Din. Ramadan is a perfect month in Egypt; actually, it's a month-long festival!

Even though Ramadan is a nationwide matter, the capital city of Cairo is a must see during this time of year.

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