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Red Sea Beach Season in Egypt

Discover the coastline stretching from the Suez Canal for 1,250 kilometres and flanked with superb beaches

Best time: March–November

Red Sea Beach Season

For those seeking a ‘pure’ beach holiday, there are certainly great destinations on the Red Sea, where temperatures are milder and coastline less developed (eastern Egypt and southern Sinai). Resorts in Sharm el Sheikh or Hurghada provide plenty of water activities such as scuba diving or snorkelling among glorious coral reefs. El Gouna is also filled to the brim with luxury hotels and breathtaking mountains.

The fishing village Dahab is unmatched in its friendliness and clear waters—its numerous palms and Bedouin look makes it especially authentic. The black sands of Safaga are a favourite with sunbathers and scuba divers. It is known for its therapeutic facilities for the skin and water with a high concentration of minerals.

Soma Bay known for its great golf courses, large spa, and windsurfing centres. Lastly, no trip is complete without visiting Marsa Alam, a wonderful spot to unwind. Sunshine hardly ever ceases on the Egyptian Red Sea, making diving or snorkelling almost a year-round activity there, with the exception of a couple of winter month when the weather might get a little windy and chilly. Summer is too hot especially if you travel with children. So it's best to plan you beach holiday for autumn or spring.

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What are some popular activities to enjoy at Egypt's Red Sea?

Water adventures like windsurfing, scuba diving and snorkelling are among the most popular activities at Egypt's Red Sea. However, visitors can also unwind by playing golf, swimming, and sunbathing. Some resorts in Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada offer dolphin and turtle watching. Soma Bay has top-rated golf courses, while Dahab has a relaxed vibe that is ideal for relaxation. Safaga stands out for its mineral-rich waters while Marsa Alam is perfect for affordable, serene relaxation. Show more

What is the ideal time to visit the Red Sea for swimming and diving?

The ideal time to visit the Red Sea for diving and swimming is between March and November. During this time, the weather is mild and pleasant, ensuring that visitors can undertake water activities comfortably. Although the Red Sea is suitable for activities throughout the year, winter is a bit windy and chilly, while during summer, it can get too hot. Windsurfers should schedule their visit between June and August when the winds are favourable. Show more

Where are the best luxury hotels located along the Red Sea coastline?

The Red Sea coastline has an extensive collection of luxury hotels, with some of the best ones located in El Gouna, Soma Bay, and Hurghada. Soma Bay boasts of luxury hotels with spacious spas, top-rated golf courses, and good windsurfing facilities. Visitors looking for authenticity might prefer Dahab, which has numerous affordable accommodations near the beach while retaining its fishing village's rustic charm. Show more

What makes Safaga unique compared to other Red Sea beaches?

Safaga's uniqueness comes from its black magnetite sand's therapeutic properties and mineral-rich waters that soothe the skin. Sun seekers will appreciate the beach's clear waters and soft sand. Diving enthusiasts will enjoy exploring the nearby reefs and wrecks, while kite surfers and speedboat riders will have plenty of options. Safaga's rich offerings make it a perfect choice for visitors looking for a mix of excitement, exceptional comfort and relaxation. Show more

What distinguishes Marsa Alam from other beaches on the Red Sea coastline?

Marsa Alam attracts visitors with its pure waters and affordability. It is an excellent location for swimming, snorkelling and relaxing, with a serene atmosphere perfect for unwinding. Unlike other Red Sea destinations, Marsa Alam does not have crowded beaches, making it perfect for visitors seeking peace and quiet. In addition to taking it easy, visitors can explore the Wadi el-Gemal National Park, the Marsa Alam desert, or the Emerald Mines or dive on the offshore reefs, among others. Show more

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