Best time to visit Croatia

Beach Season in Croatia

Croatian coastline boasts some of the most picturesque beaches in Europe

Best time: May–September

Beach Season
Beach Season
Beach Season

White pebble beaches and warm crystal clear waters of Adriatic sea has been number one tourist attraction of Croatia over the years. The most renown is Zlatny Rat Beach (Golden Horn) in Bol on the island of Brac, beaches of Makarska Riviera, Kraljičina plaža (Queen’s Beach) in Nin.

Croatia's coastline and islands enjoy the Mediterranean type of climate and beach season there starts in May and lasts till late September. In the fall, the coastline might experience some rains. During the winter, ​the temperatures might drop to 2°C, but it rarely snows.

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When is the best time to visit Croatia's beaches?

Croatia experiences beach season from May to late September, with warm and sunny weather that has minimal chances of rain. However, the Fall season may bring about some rainy weather while the winter months tend to be cooler, but rarely snowing. Show more

Where are the most picturesque beaches in Croatia?

Apart from the popular Zlatny Rat Beach in Bol on the Brac Island and Kraljičina plaža in Nin, there are countless stunning beaches along the Croatian coastline and surrounding islands. Some other popular beaches are Makarska Riviera, which also gets busy, and the plethora of undiscovered beaches with majestic views. Show more

What is the climate like along the Croatian coastline during beach season?

During the beach season, which stretches from May to late September, the Croatian coastline experiences a warm and sunny Mediterranean climate. Beach temperatures typically reach 30°C with pleasant sea temperature appropriate for swimming. However, it is important to note that due to the occasional rainy weather, beach closures may impact visits to the area. Show more

What are some popular beaches in Croatia besides Zlatny Rat Beach and Kraljičina plaža?

While Zlatny Rat Beach in Bol on the Brac Island and Kraljičina plaža in Nin are highly renowned for their picturesque views, Croatia has plenty of other notable beaches. These attractions include Plitvice Lake National Park, Dubrovnik, Nirvana Beach, Hvar Island, Pakleni Islands, and Brac Island, as well as many secluded beaches that offer a peaceful and serene experience for visitors to soak up Croatia's natural beauty. Show more

Are there any winter activities available on Croatia's coastline or islands?

With the low temperatures that characterize the Winter in Croatia, beach activities are not suitable during this season. Nonetheless, the coastline offers a variety of other winter activities such as skiing on Mount Biokovo, snowboarding, and going for winter walks. Touring museums, art galleries, and the old towns of cities such as Dubrovnik and Split are other options that entertain visitors during the winter season. Show more

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