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Beach Season

May–October • activity

Croatian coastline boasts some of the most picturesque beaches in Europe

The Blue Cave

May–October • nature

A precious gem among Croatia's nature highlights

Pag Cheese Season

January–June • food

Famous cheese from Pag island is a national pride of Croatia, known as Paški sir


May–October • activity

Climb spectacular mountains, traverse lush woods, enjoy freedom and harmony with nature


April–November • activity

A great way to explore Croatian costline

The Best Sunsets

April–November • nature

Famous Adriatic sunset in Zadar impressed Alfred Hitchcock

Lavender Bloom on Hvar Island

June–July • nature

A flowery kingdom on the Croatia's most sunny island


June–September • activity

Clear waters of the Adriatic are popular with divers. Take a chance to explore marine life, ship wrecks and underwater caves

White Water Rafting

April–November • activity

Fast rivers of Croatia are perfect for white water rafting

Cruising and Sailing

March–November • activity

Follow Marco Polo's path and explore Croatia's numerous islands

Kitesurfing and Windsurfing

April–November • activity

Good conditions for windsurfers and kitesurfers during the summer


June–August • food

A signature cooking technique for Croatoan cuisine

Wild Figs

late May–September • food

Enjoy this nutritious sweet fruit while in Dalmatia

Lobster Eating Time

mid-May–July • food

Mouth watering lobsters as well as other delicious seafood streight from the Adriatic

Asparagus Season

March–June • food

Have you already tried wild asparagus?


Frozen Waterfalls in Plitvice Lakes

January–February • nature

Frozen Plitvitce Lakes are called Croatia's natural miracle

Sinjska Alka

August 05, 2018 • event

A medieval equestrian knightly competition in Sinj that is part of UNESCO list

Autumnal Plitvice Lakes

October–November • nature

Natural wonder wearing all shades of gold and red

Ultra Europe Music Festival

July 14–16, 2017 • event

Feeling the beat of Adriatic with an ultrahip Ultra music festival

Rijeka Carnival

February 10–13, 2018 • event

Winter holiday season in Rijeka is highlighted by the biggest carnival in Croatia with costumed parades and performances, lots of music and dancing

International Donkey Race

August 06, 2016 • event

Visitors get a chance to hop on a donkey and speed up in Tisno during the annual donkey race

Olive Harvest

mid-October • activity

Olives are the matter of pride in Croatia

Oysters Season

September–April • food

Locally produced oysters and mussels is a must try for seafood lovers

Kumpanjija Performance

April 28 • event

See a unique historical dance on Korcula Island with sword fights

Red Bull Air Race

TBA • event

Extreme flying competition in Rovinj is a breathtaking experience for spectators

Zagreb Christmas Market

December 02 2017–January 07 2018 • event

The spirit of Advent and entertainment for the whole family in the central of medieval city

Nights of Diocletian

July 28–30, 2017 • event

In Split, do as Romans do during a colourful carnival at Diocletian Palace

Truffle Season

September–November • food

A chance to find the next biggest truffle in the world

Fried Dormice

August–September • food

A grilled dormouse—a rather unusual dish for modern European cuisine

Grape Season

August–October • food

Try the most delicious grapes from local farmers' markets

Birdwatching in Kopacki Rit

March–May, September • nature

Exciting birdwatching on one of the largest wetlands in Europe


May 12–14, 2017 • event

The oldest and largest wine fair in Istria

Easter Bread

April 01–02, 2018 • food

No Easter in Croatia is possible without a pinca


December 24–December 26 • food

In Croatia Christmas tastes like honey cookies

Crni Rizot (Black Risotto)

September–November • food

If you like seafood, this is a must try of Croatian cuisin

Opuntia or Prickly Pear

September–October • food

This cactus with beautiful flowers is also quite tasty

Dvorišta—the Courtyards of Zagreb

July 14–23, 2017 • event

Get behind closed doors in old Zagreb and meet some locals during a ten-day festival

Octopus Time

August–October • food

Octopus dishes are the classics of Croatian cuisine

Tangerine Harvesting Season

October–November • food

Pick tangerines from the trees in Neretva

Soundwave Music Festival

July 26–30, 2018 • event

Rave with Soundwave—the festival featuring five nights of excellent music and partying

Painting Pisanica or Easter Egg

April 01, 2018 • activity

Don't miss a beautiful tradition of colouring eggs before Easter

Ribarska Festa

September 29, 2017 • event

Fisherman festivals in an Istrian town of Vrsar is a unique experience, available at Adriatic

Skiing and Snowboarding

December – February • activity

Northern Croatia boasts a few decent skiing locations in winter


October 31–November 02 • food

A traditional Halloween dessert

Jujube or Chinese Dates

September • food

Sweet fruit suitable for jams or rakija (local strong liquor)