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April–November  • activity

Hiking is the best way to discover all the natural treasures of Slovenia

Open Kitchen (Odprta Kuhna)

mid-March–October (Fridays) • food

Experience freshly cooked delights by different Slovenian restaurants at the Friday food market in the heart of Ljubljana

Beach Season

May–August  • activity

Don’t be fooled by the small size of the Slovenian coastline—it has a lot to offer!

Rafting and Kayaking

April–October • activity

Grab a boat and take an exciting trip down one of the many incredible rivers of Slovenia!

Salt Harvest

April 23–September • event

Discover the ancient tradition of salt gathering near the historic town of Piran in Sečovlje

Karstic Caves

May–October  • activity

The grand karst caves are among the most visited in Europe


March–May • nature

While in Slovenia, explore at least one of its many picturesque waterfalls

Wildflower Season

April–June • nature

Vivid flora await you in every corner of the beautiful nature of Slovenia


March–May • nature

Grab your binoculars and head to any Slovenian forest—there are a lot of birds just waiting to be discovered!


April–June • food

Trying world famous Slovenian honey should be on the list of everyone visiting this country


March–November • activity

There are a lot of ponds and lakes to conquer if you’re a fishing enthusiast


all year • food

While in any region of Slovenia, search for its local kinds of cheese you can't find anywhere else


Climbing Triglav

not in rangeJune–October • activity

Go on an exciting journey of conquering the highest mountain in Slovenia—Triglav

Swimming in Bled and Bohini Lakes

not in rangeJune–September • activity

Visit these scenic Slovenian lakes, equally beautiful and unique

Pust Carnival in Cerknica

not in rangeFebruary 08–14, 2018 • event

People wearing peculiar costumes parade down the streets during the spectacular Pust carnival

Kurentovanje in Ptuj

not in rangeFebruary 03–13, 2018 • event

Drive away winter together with thousands of spectators at the Kurentovanje carnival

Ana Desetnica International Street Theatre Festival

not in range • event

Be there as the streets of Ljubljana transform during this vibrant theatre festival


not in rangeDecember 02, 2017 • event

Have an unforgettable run inside a coal mine!

New Year's Eve

not in rangeDecember 31–January 01 • event

The festive atmosphere, lots of fireworks, and homemade schnapps will make your New Year's Eve celebration in Slovenia very special

Historial Škofja Loka

not in range • event

Go back in time by visiting the brightly costumed Skofja Loka Medieval Festival

Grossmann Film and Wine Festival

not in range • event

This wine festival is like no other—all tasting is accompanied by horror films!

Istrian Cycling Marathon

not in rangeSeptember 23–24, 2017 • event

The Istrian Cycling Marathon welcomes all kinds of participants in this beautiful race

Bled Days

not in rangeJuly 20–22, 2018 • event

For a few days, Bled promenade is full of local art and music. Become a spectator of the incredibly beautiful sight—15,000 fluorescent eggshells floating on Lake Bled

Persimmon Season

not in rangeNovember • food

Try the tender, viscous flesh of Slovenia's favourite fruit—persimmon


not in rangeJune–August • food

Try the finest delicacy of the Slovenian cuisine—tender, home-made pršut

Christmas Markets

not in rangeDecember • event

The magical beauty of Slovenia guarantees that you will have the best Christmas ever!

Wine Season

not in rangeOctober–November • event

Slovenian wines are very hard to find outside of the country, so try as many delicious kinds as you can while you're here

Legend of the Sunken Bell

not in rangeDecember 25 • event

Watch the magical sinking of the bell, honoring an old legend

Podvin Local Market

not in rangefirst Saturday of every month • event

Try all the local delicacies at one place!


not in rangeMarch 12 • event

You can celebrate St. Valentine's Day almost anywhere, but Gregorjevo—only in Slovenia!

Festival Lent

not in range • event

Dive into this incredibly festive atmosphere during the three-week Festival Lent

Snow Castle Festival (Gradovi Kralja Matjaža)

not in rangelate January • event

These creative ice constructions are built right before your eyes at the Snow Castle Festival at Plateau Mitnek, Črna na Koroškem

Living Nativity Scenes

not in rangeDecember 25–December 30 • event

Witness as biblical scenes come to life at the magical Postonja Cave

Idrija Lace Festival

not in range • event

Enjoy the delicate beauty of lace making at the Idrija Lace Festival

Olive Harvest

not in rangeNovember–December • food

Try high-quality olive oil perfectly suited for the most exquisite foods


not in rangeApril 01, 2018 • event

Beautiful vivid celebrations are held for Easter in all cities and towns of Slovenia

City of Women

not in rangeOctober 06–15, 2017 • event

Visit this unique art festival which demonstrates the huge potential of female artists

Skiing and Snowboarding

not in rangeDecember–March  • activity

Conquer the diversified slopes of the Slovenian Alps

Pumpkin Season

not in rangeSeptember–October • food

Any trip to Slovenia is not complete if you haven’t tried some national pumpkin dishes!

Cherry Festival

not in range • event

Just like all the traditional festivals of Slovenia, the Cherry Festival in Brda has something for everyone!

Beer and Flowers Festival (Laško Pivo in cvetje)

not in range • event

This weird yet quite interesting combination is highlighted with a traditional wedding ceremony

Festival Bled

not in range • event

Lake Bled becomes even more beautiful when the atmosphere is filled with classical music

International Rowing Regatta

not in range • event

Every year magnificent Lake Bled hosts a rowing regatta


not in rangelate June  • event

Check out the Jurjevanje festival in Črnomelj for an incredibly fresh experience of traditional music

Maribor Theatre Festival

not in rangeOctober 20–29, 2017 • event

Become a spectator of some of the best theatrical performances from all around the world

Cow Ball

not in rangeSeptember 17, 2017 • event

Celebrate the return of the cattle from pastures in anticipation of winter together with locals around Lake Bohinj

Škofja Loka Passion Play

not in rangelate Mar–Apr 2021 (TBA) • event

You wouldn’t want to miss the incredible Škofja Loka Passion Play which happens only once every six years