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Snow Castle Festival (Gradovi Kralja Matjaža) 2021

These creative ice constructions are built right before your eyes at the Snow Castle Festival at Plateau Mitnek, Črna na Koroškem


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Check out this unique winter experience by attending an annual Snow Castle Building Championship. Here you can witness professional ice builders making the traditional, weird, pompous, and refined castles, each trying to outdo one another.

Snow Castle Festival (Gradovi Kralja Matjaža) in Slovenia - Best Season 2020

All the architecture is built around the legendary King Matjaž who is the main hero of many Slovenian legends and is mainly represented as a king who is incredibly fair and a great defender of his people.

Best time for Snow Castle Festival (Gradovi Kralja Matjaža) in Slovenia 2020

Though everything happens in a pleasant atmosphere, the competition between the teams may become pretty intense. You can either attend the festival during the day to watch a creation of these beautiful castles, or you can come at night when all the structures are finished and beautifully illuminated.

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