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Snow & Ice Architecture in Finland

When winter lasts for so long, people make it a bit more exciting with the help of imagination. Come and marvel at creations of spectacular ice art!

Best time: November–March

Snow & Ice Architecture
Snow & Ice Architecture
Snow & Ice Architecture
Snow & Ice Architecture
Snow & Ice Architecture
Snow & Ice Architecture
Snow & Ice Architecture
Snowcastle in Kemi
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Finland is one place where winter lasts for long five months. Thus, people try to amuse themselves with lots of various outdoor activities like ice art.

Lapland, the northernmost part of the country, is perhaps the best spot to observe ice sculptures and buildings. You can visit Icium in Levi, which is like a huge theme park with amazing buildings and sculptures made of ice. The park is open for visitors from November till early April.

Snow Village in Lainio and the Snowcastle in Kemi also offer lots of exciting snow architecture. For a true Arctic experience try a night stay in a snow hotel or an igloo, dinner in ice restaurant, a drink in ice bars, or even praying in the ice chapel.

The Snow Castle and snow hotels usually operate from January through April. You can also try an ice sauna, which can be found almost all over Finland.

Practical info

What's the optimal time to see snow and ice architecture in Finland?

Visitors can catch a glimpse of breathtaking natural backdrops for the activities related to snow and ice architecture between the months of November and March in Finland. The season helps visitors in experiencing various snow hotels, igloos, ice restaurants, and bars, apart from many other impressive snow and ice architectural wonders. Show more

Which location in Finland best presents the impressive snow and ice architecture?

The northernmost part of Finland, Lapland, has some awe-inspiring snow and ice architectural sites that would leave visitors spellbound. The Icium in Levi displays unique ice sculptures, while the Snow Village in Lainio and the Snowcastle in Kemi offer a glimpse of amazing snow architecture. Visitors can also enjoy an ice sauna, a rare experience that they can get at several locations across Finland. Show more

What is the operational duration of the Snow Castle and snow hotels?

If you're planning to experience the unique snow and ice accommodations, you should plan your visit between January through April each year as the Snowcastle and snow hotels operate during these months only. The accommodations offer a once-in-a-lifetime Arctic experience since they're carved out of ice and snow, but it's always wise to book them in advance, given the high demand. Show more

When can you visit Levi's Icium?

Levi's Icium, where visitors can witness some of the most impressive ice buildings and sculptures, is open to visitors from November to early April, providing an ideal setting for travelers looking to explore a 'winter wonderland.' The location also offers activities like ice bars, dinner at an ice restaurant, and praying at an ice chapel, apart from many others Show more

What other activities are available in Finland related to snow and ice architecture?

Tourists can indulge in several unique outdoor snow and ice activities besides exploring snow and ice architecture. Popular activities include skiing, husky sledding, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing. Visitors can also try ice fishing or swim in a frozen lake for an adventurous experience. Sampling traditional Finnish food or visiting local markets offers a glimpse of Finland’s unique culture. Show more

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