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Best time of year to visit Sweden

Both winter and summer could be the best time to visit Sweden. January to March is the right time for watching the Northern Lights, ice skating, and dogsledding. Late April celebrations mark the beginning of Swedish summer with longer and warmer days. May to September is the perfect time for outdoor activities from birdwatching to timber rafting. Well, summer months see more crowds and mosquitos all over the country. Up north, autumn can show up in late August (make sure to taste some surströmming, you won't forget its smell!), and the first snow is even possible in September. Anyway, chilly autumn months will hypnotize you with migrating birds and Gotland's roses in bloom. December brings celebratory atmosphere with glogg, lussekatt buns, and ginger biscuits.


Marking the Reindeer

June–July • activity

For Sami, the people who live in Northern Lapland, reindeer means life itself

Blue Hours

December | June • nature

Your next favourite hours! This magical occurance is unique for Nordic countries

Hiking and Trekking

May–September • activity

Sweden is a great destination for hiking with tons of variety

Tree House Hotel

April–October • activity

Many of us dreamed when we were kids to live in a perfect treehouse. Now we have our chance

Gotland Pelt Sheep

April–August • nature

Gotland is so proud of their sheep that it is featured on the flag! Moreover, these sheep​ are unique and insanely cute


March–September • activity

Sweden is a paradise for paddling, especially its West Coast!

Timber Rafting

June–August • activity

Build your own timber raft and sail the Klaralven river like Tom Sawyer and Hucklebery Fin!


April–late October • activity

Sweden is famous for its sustainable outlook so biking here is elevated to a new level!


May–September • food

Sweden is famous for its organic honey


June 22, 2019 • event

Originating from pagan times, this holiday is a celebration of everything summerly and Swedish

Flowers of Lapland

mid June–early September • nature

Lapland is not only home to Santa Clause but also to beautiful flowers

Göta Canal Season

May–September • activity

Sweden's 190 km Blue Ribbon attracts around two million tourists yearly

Land of the Midnight Sun

June–August • nature

Have you ever dreamed of making these wonderful summer days longer? Here is your chance!

UFO Treehotel

year round (best December–March, June–September) • activity

Climb aboard a spaceship and meditate among the trees

White Water Rafting

June–August • activity

Summer is a perfect time for this exciting sport

Highschool Graduation

May–June • event

Don't be surprised if you see vans full of highschool kids waving and shouting to you


December–June • activity

Swedes adore skiing! No matter where you go—to the mountains up north or the city—you will simply love it!


April–December • activity

Dive the Swedish Baltic Sea and discover all 10,000 shipwrecks at the bottom!


May–October • activity

Rent a boat and see Sweden from the water


April–November • activity

With more than 100,000 lakes and 200 km of rivers, fishing in Sweden is a dream come true!

Night Golf

June–August • activity

Golf has become one of the most popular sports in Sweden recently. In summer, ​you can play it even during the night!


Northern Lights

September–March • nature

Nordic Lights are natural phenomena​ that create magical sights and emotions for anyone around

Dogsledding in Swedish Lapland

December–April • activity

Experience one of the most famous adventures of Lapland!

Skåne Yellow Spring

May • nature

Skåne is Sweden's southern region which boasts endless yellow fields among typical red houses

Old Tjikko

July–August • nature

The oldest known tree in Europe at 9,550 years looks after the harsh tundra and glaciers of Scandinavia

The Island of Roses

September–November • nature

Gotland's roses bloom even in late November. The perfect destination for those who want to be enchanted in the middle of a gloomy season

Lundakarnevalen or Lund Carnival

May 01, 2018 • event

Lund is one of the most intense student towns of Sweden. Every four years its intensity and level of fun rise well above the maximum!

Walpurgis Eve: Sista April

April 30 • event

The night when winter officially ends is celebrated with a champagne breakfast and huge bonfire in Uppsala and Lund

Kräftskiva: Crayfish Party

August • food

Enjoy a jolly time eating crayfish with a chef's hat on!

The Talking Christmas Lamp

December • event

The city of Malmo is tired of the traditional well known Christmas decorations. It has thought of something completely new!

Frost 'Flowers'

November–February • nature

The most unusual "flowers" that "bloom" only in winter

Surströmming or Sour Herring

late August • food

Every country has its own weird food and Sweden is no exception

Ice Climbing

November–April • activity

Northern of Sweden has all that it takes to have a fantastic ice climbing experience!

Vätternrundan: the Cycle of a Lifetime!

June 07–10, 2019 | June 14, 2019 • event

Join the cycle of high prestige! Prove that you are tough enough to make it

Ice Hotel

December–February • activity

The hotel is rebuilt every year, offering a unique experience every time you visit!

Migrating Birds at Falsterbo

mid-August–late October • nature

Witness over 100,000 birds pass Falstebro on their way south!

Pickled Herring

December 24–December 25 • food

A typical Christmas dish made of fermented herring with sugar and onions

WOW: Way Out West

 • event

One of the biggest music festivals in Sweden

National Day

June 06 • event

A day of many picnics and joyful partying


February (TBA) • event

Follow the old Viking​ route on skates together with a crowd of enthusiasts like yourself

Semla Dessert

February • food

The first week of February is all about fatty treats!

Swedish Bandy

September–May • event

A wild mix of hockey and football is one of Sweden's favorite sports

Ice Road

January–April • activity

One of the most spectacular seasonal roads will give you a little shiver on your back

Safran Season

December 01–December 13 • food

With Lucia approaching, safran is all around! Enjoy!


November–January • food

Swedish mulled wine with raisins, cinammon, and almonds!

St Lucia Day

December 13 • event

This day is one of the celebrations that lights up the gloomy winter season


February 02–March 09, 2019 • event

This is one of the few cases when something bad is so bad that it becomes cool

Kanelbullar or Cinnamon Rolls

December • food

A typical Swedish bun is also a symbol of winter and perhaps the best way to survive during the dark days

Pepparkakor or Gingersnaps

November–January • food

The obsession with Christmas starts with these delicious cookies!


April 21, 2019 • event

Easter in Sweden is full of traditions connected to the celebrations of spring, nature awakening, and family reunions—but with a twist!


December • food

Sweden has its own Christmas coke!


March–May • activity

The rich variety of topographies of the Lulea archipelago attracts many different kinds of birds to Northern Scandinavia

Svartsoppa for St Martin's Day

November 11 • event

St Martin is a day of geese! People gather for huge festive meals and eat special food!


April 21, 2019 • food

Sweden has its own Easter coke!

Christmas Markets

mid-November–December • event

Heart-melting Scandinavian holiday tradition

Lobster Season

late September–December • food

Eat what you catch!

Lussekatt Buns

December 06–December 13 • food

Lussekatt buns are typical saffron treats served on St. Lucia Day