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Svartsoppa for St Martin's Day 2024

St Martin is a day of geese! People gather for huge festive meals and eat special food!

Dates: November 11

Svartsoppa for St Martin's Day

​Most popular in the Skane region, the day is celebrated within the family circle and commemorates the saint who was betrayed by cackling geese. Nowadays, the religious side of the story is not that emphasized, but the traditional feast is more than a simple tradition. There are many dishes present on the table, and many include goose meat, but the most important and interesting is the black soup. This thick and reddish in colour soup is what the dinner begins with and is made of goose blood and broth, seasoned with purees, ginger, and clove. It is often served with goose liver and apple stuffed goose. Come and join the goose meal!

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