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Chontaduro and Mojojoy in Colombia 2024

If you dare, try one of the best indigenous delicacies with worms inside!

Best time: January–May | August–November

Chontaduro and Mojojoy
Chontaduro and Mojojoy
Chontaduro and Mojojoy

Chontaduro, or Peach Palm Fruit, is very popular in the tropical countries of Central and South America. The best time to try it is during its harvest period. In Colombia, there are two harvesting periods from January to May and from August to November. The fruit’s pulp can be used for juices, soups, pastries, and preserves, or even processed into flour.

The main feature of this fruit are the beetle grubs (larvae of the Rhynchophorus palmarum beetle, or South American palm beetle larvae) which live inside. These grubs are a very popular source of protein in Amazonia. You can try the indigenous delicacy called the “Mojojoy” or “Chontacuro,” which is basically a grilled beetle grub.

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