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Cold-smoked, hot-smoked, dried, canned, frozen, served with chips, drowned in milk, or in a Scottish soup—so many ways to eat Haddock


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This popular fish is cooked in various ways from smoking to freezing, drying, and canning. It is usually served with chips—you must have heard about the iconic British dish "fish and chips." Smoked haddock soaked in milk is commonly served for Scottish breakfast. It is called "Finnan haddie" making reference to its place of origin—Scottish fishing village Finnan or Findon. "Cullen Skink" is the name of a famous Scottish soup made of haddock, potatoes, and onions. Finally, the piquant "Arbroath smokie" produced in the eastern Scottish town Arbroath represents the newest method of preparing haddock—hot-smoking. To sample all the delicacies made of haddock you should visit Scotland in September when this fish is really at its peak.

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