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Frog Legs (Cuisses de Grenouille)

To eat or not to eat, that is the question ?

Best time: early March–early May

Frog Legs (Cuisses de Grenouille)
Frog Legs (Cuisses de Grenouille)

Cuisses de grenouille or frog legs is possibly the most extraordinary dish you can try in France. This dish is traditionally associated with France, although it is also popular in some Asian countries.

Frog legs are not so common nowadays. While they are popular in certain regions of the country, cuisses de grenouille would not be easy to find elsewhere. The dish is believed to be traditional for the region of the Dombes, Burgundy, and Franche-Comté, as these parts of the country are the places where this dish had originated from.

Frog legs are fried and served with slices of French baguette. Sometimes, they are even lathered in garlic butter. Those who are brave enough are often delighted when they finally decided to try such a delicacy.

Depending on the region, fresh frog season varies. It may start as early as late January and continue until June, but the most definite period is spring season—from early March to early May.

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