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If you ask the Maltese which species of snail can be eaten, they say "only one snail, the Edible"


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Many Maltese collect snails for cooking. And only one species of snail can be eaten—the Edible Snail (Maltese name is "Għakrux Raġel"). Others are inedible because they have a bitter taste. People collect the Edible Snail usually in October. After rains, you can see lots of molluscs everywhere: in gardens, arable lands, rocky places, and rubble walls.

During the summer, when it's too hot, the Edible Snails find places under stones and rocks hiding from the sun into its shell and can survive several months without water. Edible Snails are very popular in Maltese cuisine. It is also used in cosmetics. Its fluid is used for making moisturizing skin products.

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