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Chimole or Black Dinna

This Yucatec Maya dish has become a staple in Belize

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Chimole or Black Dinna is a succulent soup that got its name due to its unusually dark color. If you wish to try something that's authentic to Belize and reflects its multicultural heritage, chimole is an excellent choice.

This soup was popularized in Belize by mestizo people, the descendants of indigenous Maya and Spanish settlers. Mestizo food is very flavourful and rich in spices. They also use traditional recipes that go back to ancient Mayan times.

Chimole, also called the black soup of the Gods, got its color due to black recado, a special paste made from chili peppers and various spices that are impossible to find outside Belize and Mexico. Other ingredients in this dish are eggs, chicken, tomatoes, and onions. Chimole is a very popular dish in Belize, which can be tried in many restaurants throughout the country.

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