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Malay Spicy Meat Rendang 2024 in Singapore

Caramelized spicy beef curry is savory enough to get to the top of the list of world's most delicious foods

Dates: April 10, 2024

Malay Spicy Meat Rendang
Malay Spicy Meat Rendang

The name Rendang refers to the traditional Malay spicy meat dish, often named 'caramelized beef curry'. Its roots go to Minangkabau culture, and nowadays, it is considered a Malay specialty. This meal is aromatic and tasty, made with slow-cooked meat (usually beef, although it can also be chicken, lamb, or goat), and blended with spices and coconut milk until the meat is soft and the sauce thickens. Rendang is usually served with steamed rice along with pickled veggies, boiled eggs, and fried anchovies. Both locals and tourists go nuts over this dish for its succulent meat and robust, spicy flavor. But when and where can tourists taste it? Let's see!

Hari Raya Puasa Festival (April 10, 2024)

While the locals can savor the meal at weddings and other traditional ceremonies, the best time to taste the dainty for travelers is definitely Hari Raya festival–also known as the "grand day of rejoicing" in Malay. Hari Raya is a major Muslim holiday in Singapore, which honors self-control during Ramadan and represents rebirth and cleansing. It's also a time forgiving, so kids go to their parents and frequently seek say sorry for anything they've done the previous year. The festival also marks the end of the fasting month, and eating Rendang is a perfect way to end the season. Rendang's unique taste has already been acknowledged by thousands of gourmets. In particular, in 2011 online poll by CNN, featuring 35,000 participants, the Malay Rendang was named number one dish.​ But there is no better way to find out than to try it yourself!

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