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May–November  • activity

Go scuba diving in one of the most magnificent places in the world!

Makepung Buffalo Races

mid-July–mid-November  • event

The tradition of buffalo races is a long one in Jembrana

Mola Mola

July–November  • nature

An enormous sunfish swimming around—the incredible diving experience


April–August  • activity

Surfing in Bali may be an intimidating but awesome experience!

Kecak or Monkey Dance

all year round • event

A fascinating performance charms the audience and tells the story of the island

Sea Kayaking

March–December • activity

One of the best ways to explore the untouched beauty of Indonesia

Goa Gajah

April–October • activity

Elephant cave honours Ganesha and scares off evil spirits

Wayang Kulit Puppet Theatre

all year round • activity

This art from ancient times is fascinating even without understanding the language—enjoy the music and the mysterious dance of shadows!


Bali Kite Festival

July 03–05, 2018 • event

The kite festival that sends a message to the Hindu gods


March 18, 2018 • event

The kissing festival for the singles

Makare-Kare or Pandan War

May–June • event

A traditional tribute to Lord Indra, the protector of Tenganan village


March 07–08, 2019 • event

According to Balinese calendar, New Year comes in spring and means "the Day of Silence"

Galungan and Kuningan

December 26 2018–January 05 2019 • event

The festival to honour the win of good over the evil

Perang Api

March 07, 2019 • event

The Fire War to scare the demons away!

Purnama Kedasa

March 01, 2018 • event

The full moon celebration is one of the most signi​fic​ant holidays for the Balinese Hindus

Bali Spirit Festival

March 24–31, 2019 • event

The festival focuses on spirituality and helps you find the harmony and raise awareness of environmental and health issues

Manta Rays

April–May  • nature

Try diving with the beautiful and huge manta ray fish

Perang Tipat Bantal or Rice Cake Wars

September 24, 2018 • event

The day that starts with a prayer ends with a fierce battle of the rice cakes

Chinese New Year

February 04–05, 2019 • event

The celebration of dragons and lions, prayers and temples, firecrackers and fireworks


December–March  • food

Considered to be the king of the fruits, this smelly fruit tastes like nothing you've had before!

Rice Terraces

October–March • activity

Visit iconic lush green rice paddies where farming is still done the same way it was hundreds of years ago

Tanah Lot

mid-January–mid-April | mid-September–mid-December • activity

A picturesque Hindu temple is one of the most popular photo spots on Bali, especially at sunset

Ngerebong or Ngurek

January 13, 2019 • event

Stabbing and not bleeding ritual of protecting the island from the bad spirits

White Water Rafting

November–March • activity

Generally rivers in Bali are all class II and III, but during the wet season they may rise up to class IV


December–March  • food

Considered to be the queen of fruits, mangosteen is a perfect buddy for the durian!