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Kecak or Monkey Dance 2023-2024

A fascinating performance charms the audience and tells the story of the island

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Kecak is a unique combination of vocal sound of the 'monkey chant', dancing, and drama. A hundred men sit down in the circle, wearing only sarongs and flowers in their hair. The main heroes usually have costumes and masks.

The performance starts at the dusk. An open air stage fills with a sound of “cak, cak, cak”, and the show begins. Fast and unpredictable moves fascinate the audience. The dancers make rhythmic sounds with their voices and move simultaneously creating a magnificent eye-catching performance.

The main action is taking place in the middle of the circle, where the heroes tell their story to the audience with the help of moves and sounds. Kecak is an art that showcases the folk history, various rituals and cultural aspects of life on Bali.

This well-known art form of Balinese drama appeared in the 1930s. Originally it was a ritual trance dance accompanied by a male chorus. Nowadays it draws crowds of tourists to the Uluwatu temple, longing to watch this unforgettable performance.

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