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Mola Mola in Bali

An enormous sunfish swimming around—the incredible diving experience

Best time: July–November

Mola Mola

The ocean sunfish, also known as mola mola, is the heaviest bony fish in the world. It can weigh about 1,000 kg. During mid-summer to late autumn, these heavy fellas swim closer to the shore and can be seen around Nusa Lembongan and Penida!

Practical info

When can Mola Mola fish be easily spotted in Bali?

Spotting Mola Mola fish is possible at any time of day. However, diving early in the morning when they are most active or in the afternoon, when they swim closer to the surface, is recommended. The latter option also offers fewer crowds and calm waters. Expect to see them from mid-summer to late autumn. Show more

What are some recommended areas to dive and see Mola Mola fish in Bali?

The Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan islands in southeast Bali are well-known for diving and seeing the Mola Mola fish. There are plenty of half-day or full-day tours offered by diving operators that take you to these locations. The small islands are a perfect diving spot. Show more

How long do Mola Mola fish stay on the surface of the water?

Mola Mola fish stay at the water's surface for short periods, generally ten to fifteen minutes. During this time, they enjoy sunbathing, swimming vertically. Diving to cooler depths before surfacing makes them cold, and sunbathing warms them. They're usually seen sunbathing during mid-summer to late autumn when they surface. Show more

What kind of interactions do marine creatures have with the Mola Mola fish in Bali?

Mola Mola fish are antisocial creatures that mostly interact with other marine animals for cleaning. Smaller fish like butterflyfish, angelfish, and cleaner wrasse help remove parasites and dead tissue from the Mola Mola fish's skin. The orcas in the Northern Hemisphere and sharks in the Southern Hemisphere are known to be their predators engaged in this context. Show more

What safety precautions must divers take when swimming with Mola Mola fish in Bali?

Diving instructors in Bali are strict about safety standards while swimming with Mola Mola fish. Precautions include keeping a safe distance, not touching them, utilizing eco-friendly diving techniques, providing safety equipment, and choosing diving locations suitable for all diving levels. To prevent any accidents, reputable diving shops should always be preferred and all guidelines must be followed. Show more

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