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Coral Reef Scuba Diving in Hong Kong

Swim with coral fish in their natural environment

Best time: June–August

Coral Reef Scuba Diving
Coral Reef Scuba Diving
Coral Reef Scuba Diving

The seas surrounding Hong Kong are indeed beautiful and diverse with plentiful squid, octopus, shrimp, crab, tropical reef fish, stingrays, and even the occasional shark. The south and eastern parts of Hong Kong Island are the best places to dive.

You can easily find diving centres all around the seashore and join a group of other adventurers. Diving in Hong Kong can be exciting and fun for everyone and it is an excellent place to learn for beginners. It is recommended to dive during the summer months when the water is warmer and visibility better.

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What are some examples of marine life that can be spotted while scuba diving in Hong Kong?

An abundance of marine life is on display while scuba diving in Hong Kong, including octopus, squid, stingrays, crabs, shrimp, tropical reef fish, and sharks. Given the diverse ecosystems, both warm-water and cold-water species coexist here, creating a spectacular environment to explore underwater. Show more

Which parts of Hong Kong Island are the most recommended for scuba diving?

The best areas in Hong Kong for scuba diving are located in the south and east of Hong Kong Island. The waters are clear, coral is plentiful, and marine life is diverse, making these areas perfect for diving. Those who seek more variety can venture further away from the beaten path for more adventure. Scuba diving facilities are readily available across the region, ensuring everyone can embrace diving in Hong Kong irrespective of their lodging or duration. Show more

How many PADI diving centers can visitors find in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is an ideal destination for scuba divers, with approximately 40 PADI diving centers catering to everyone's needs. Diving centers offer beginners the opportunity to learn how to dive with safety guidelines. Experienced divers can take advantage of these centers to access gears and learn new skills or explore the underwater world. The additional gear available for rent and classes is a fantastic way to benefit from learning these critical skills in a controlled environment before venturing into the open water. Show more

When is the ideal period for tourists to visit Hong Kong for scuba diving?

Summer, between June and August, is the optimal time of year for scuba diving in Hong Kong. The water conditions are exceptional, with warm water and better visibility for spotting marine life while scuba diving. Despite the high chance of typhoons, summers are usually calmer, and visibility is superior, enabling divers of different proficiency levels to witness the vibrant marine life under the waves without limitations. Show more

Is scuba diving accessible for inexperienced divers in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a fantastic place to learn scuba diving for both novices and professionals. Diving centers throughout Hong Kong offer several lessons to accommodate each level of proficiency. A beginner diver will experience organized and controlled conditions before moving to open waters. The environment offers several opportunities for growth in the diving industry, so everyone, regardless of experience level, can learn and expand their scuba diving experience. Show more

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