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A perfect way to enjoy the beauty of the blue waters of Goa and its amazing marine life

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There are lots of places to try out snorkeling and diving in Goa. One of the most popular places is the Bogmalo Beach which is located on the southern coast of Goa. Grande Island is one of the best sites for its great underwater visibility and huge variety of marine life. Here you may even encounter dolphins! This is the centre of diving life in Goa. Diving season coincides with the dry season and runs from October through May. Snorkeling is not as popular as diving when there is poor water visibility. However, you can substitute it with a fun sea walk. This lets you truly explore the underwater world and its amazing beauty. You will move slowly, like an astronaut with a huge helmet among the creatures of the sea. During this 20 minute walk you'll be able to see marine life in its natural environment, observe beautiful coral and thousands of exotic fish swimming everywhere around you. The air is supplied to the helmet through a special air hose connected to a system on the surface. The depth of such a walk is no more than 3 metres so you don't need diving experience to try it.

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