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Shigmo Festival (Shigmotsav) 2020

Become a part of this major Hindu festival in Goa


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Amazing float parades, lots of colors, mythological scenes, traditional singing, and music ensure an unforgettable Shigmo Festival in Goa. Shigmotsav, as it is also called, is a grand two-week celebration of spring and color. It starts with prayers to Gods and Goddesses of villages and ends with huge parades and loud parties. The main parade depicts the common life of Goan people through performances.

Shigmo in Panjim, Goa 2020
Shigmo in Panjim, Goa
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Shigmo Festival is one of the most popular Hindu festivals in Goa. You can observe colorful costumes, special multicoloured flags, and unique musical instruments like Dhol Tasha and flutes. Locals also carry large drums from home to home, dancing to their sound. Check it out as large processions cross the streets, dancing traditional dances, accompanied by traditional instruments.

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