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Shree Swasthani Bratakatha 2023

Worshipers of Swasthani and Shiva take a huge massive bath together, which is believed to make miracles

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Being of Hindu origin, the festival is focused on the miracles created by Shiva and Swasthani. The gods are believed to grant wishes to the pure. Therefore, for a month period, people are praying and participate in mass bathing outdoors. The festival is believed to be especially important to women who wish for family welfare or a good husband. Males also participate, yet they are much fewer.

Festivities take place during the month of Poush that usually falls in the winter months. Namely, Shree Swasthani Bratakatha begins on the full-moon of Poush and finished on the full-moon of Magh. The rituals takes place on the river banks in various Hindu shrines across the country. Some of the most famous places to witness the festivities are around the capital city of Kathmandu, namely Pashupatinath Temple, Sali Nadi Temple in Sankhu, Bhaktapur, and others.

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