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Mustard Fields in Bloom

Mustard is a vital plant for almost all Asian countries. In Nepal its yellow bloom covers many fields, making it a top destination for beauty seekers


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Not only mustard is a vital ingredient for the oil production in Nepal as well as in many other Asian countries, its bloom is so beautifully yellow that it seems not real at all. It is one of the most admired bloom in the country.

Mustard Fields in Bloom in Nepal - Best Season 2020

The village of Khokana, located in the Kathmandu Valley, is one of Nepal's most famous mustard oil production centers. It's been nominated to the UNESCO heritage list for its authentic appearance and culture. The village is surrounded by mustard fields and most locals work in the industry. Mustard oil from Khokana is famous all over Nepal. It's being produced by hand on an old-fashioned mill. Visitors can see how the locals harvest mustard and extract oil in a traditional way. The mustard oil industry in Nepal is vanishing due to an abundance of machine-produced soybean oil. There are also many fields in Chitwan, Bardia, and Nawalparasi districts.

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