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Panjin Red Beach in China

Autumn spreads a nice red carpet over 130 square kilometre beach in Panjin

Best time: September–mid-November

Panjin Red Beach
Panjin Red Beach

Chinese dubbed it "red carpet beach", tourists often name it "the sea of red", and in reality, this is a field of seepweed or seablite. It grows on 130 square kilometre area, and this patch of land is a part of world's largest and best-protected wetlands around Shuangtaizi River mouth, outside of the city of Panjin. Besides the coloured weeds, the wetlands boast 260 species of birds and 400 species of other wildlife.

The coloured plant is the major tourist attraction. Scientifically, it's called Sueda salsa. This type of grass is the only one thriving in highly alkaline soils. The weed starts growing in April, then its colour is pale crimson. The main display of deep red starts in autumn, this is when the weed is already mature.

If you love the red colour, and even if not really, this is a unique and extraordinary experience to walk among nothing but red. Where else would you do this? Well, perhaps in the dreams.

As this is a state-level natural reserve, tourists access is limited to a certain territory. The best time to enjoy mature red-hued weeds is September throughout to early November. By the end of the November, they are not as impressive, and in winter die at all, until it's reborn next spring.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Panjin Red Beach in China?

The optimal time to enjoy Panjin Red Beach is from September to mid-November. During this period, the weeds mature and turn crimson red, providing an alluring spectacle. It's prudent to avoid visiting after mid-November since the seaweed starts to wilt. Show more

What is the scientific name of the red weed that grows in Panjin Red Beach?

Sueda Salsa is the scientific name of the red weed in Panjin Red Beach. The grass survives in highly alkaline soil and starts growing in April with a pale crimson color. During the fall, the color deepens into a mature red hue. Show more

Where is Panjin Red Beach located in China?

Panjin Red Beach, commonly referred to as the Red Carpet Beach, is situated outside the city of Panjin in Liaoning Province, China. The beach covers 130 square kilometers and is part of the largest and best-protected wetlands featuring more than 400 species of wildlife and 260 species of birds in the vicinity of the Shuangtaizi River's mouth. Show more

What other attractions can visitors explore apart from the red beach in Panjin?

The Panjin Red Beach boasts numerous other attractions for visitors to explore. Tourists can visit the Red Beach Wetland Museum, which provides a deeper insight into the eco-system and the history of the area. Another attraction worth seeing is the Panjin Yinggeshui National Nature Reserve, which is home to rare bird species such as Bittern, Eurasian Curlew, and Baillon’s Crake. Visitors can also enjoy the beautiful views of the nearby Liao River. Show more

What special precautions do tourists need to take while visiting this natural reserve to ensure its preservation?

Panjin Red Beach is a state-level natural reserve, and visitors need to follow specific guidelines to preserve it. Visitors must not disturb the ecosystem and remain in designated tourist areas. Tourists should observe the ‘Leave No Trace’ principle by taking any trash with them and not removing plants or wildlife. Taking pictures is permitted, but direct contact with the plants is prohibited. Show more

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