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Lotus Blooming in Cambodia

See hundreds of lotus flowers in bloom near magnificent Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia

Lotus Blooming
Lotus Blooming
Lotus Blooming

The lotus season in Cambodia starts in April and ends in October when the weather becomes very hot. During this time, you can visit many lotus ponds near the Angkor Wat temple. Also, several lotus farms are growing it for commercial purpose.

Some of the lotus farms are open for visits, for example, Samatoa farm, located 25 minutes from Siem Reap not far from Angkor Wat. You can see a large lake occupying 81,000 sq.m (20 acres) with thousands of floating lotus flowers. This is one of the best places in Cambodia to take pictures of flowering lotus. The flowers from the farm are used to produce eco-friendly fabric. You can visit Artisans D'Angkor Center to see all stages of making fibers from lotus flowers as well as shop for lotus arts and crafts. Another lotus farm is located at Kamping Puoy lake between two mountains Phnom Ku or Phnom Ta Ngen, near Battambang.

Besides being simply beautiful, the flower carries a special meaning for local people and is considered sacred. According to ancient legends, it symbolizes enlightenment, purity, and creativity. When a lotus flower is fully open it represents full enlightenment and self-awareness.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Cambodia to see lotus flowers in bloom?

Lotus flowers bloom in Cambodia's several ponds near the Angkor Wat temple from April through October. It is the ideal time to catch a glimpse of thousands of lotus flowers in full bloom. However, visitors should be cautious as the weather during this period can be sweltering, necessitating sun protection and hydration. Heavy rain occurs during July and August, resulting in floods, so it is best to avoid going then. Show more

Where is the best place in Cambodia to see lotus flowers and take pictures?

Cambodia's Samatoa farm is an excellent place to view lotus flowers and take pictures. The farm is located 25 minutes from Siem Reap and boasts a large lake with numerous floating lotus flowers. Its 20-acre land provides visitors with breathtaking views of blooming lotus flowers and Southern-East Asian art and culture. The eco-friendly farm showcases the production process of lotus fabric and sells various lotus arts and crafts, making it a perfect place to visit. Show more

What is the significance of lotus flowers in Cambodian culture?

Lotus flowers hold immense spiritual significance in Cambodian culture. It symbolizes enlightenment, purity, creativity, and self-awareness. The flower is considered sacred and is believed to have potent spiritual energy. Cambodians believe that the lotus flower brings love, purity, and good luck and use it in numerous religious and ceremonial events throughout the country. Show more

Are there any other lotus farms or ponds near Siem Reap worth visiting?

Cambodia's Kamping Puoy lake is another lotus lake worth visiting. It is located near Battambang, between two mountains; Phnom Ku or Phnom Ta Ngen. The lake's beautiful surroundings, fresh breeze, and thousands of blooming lotus flowers are a perfect sight. Visitors can witness locals picking lotus flowers and preparing them for traditional Cambodian dishes. It is a must-visit for those looking to explore more of Cambodia's lotus ponds and farms. Show more

Can visitors buy lotus fabric and crafts in Cambodia?

Cambodia offers tourists various lotus arts and crafts made from naturally dyed lotus fabric. Artisans D'Angkor Center in Siem Reap sells a range of lotus crafts, including tablecloths, scarves, and fragrances, and offers customers customizations. Samatoa farm lets visitors witness the fabric production process, with various Cambodian traditional items available for purchase. Tourists must visit these places to explore Cambodia's lotus culture and bring back beautiful souvenirs. Show more

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