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Rhododendron or Chervona Ruta in Ukraine

Once a year, the breathtaking landscapes of Ukrainian Carpathians are painted with rare magic blooms

Best time: June

Rhododendron or Chervona Ruta
Rhododendron or Chervona Ruta
Rhododendron or Chervona Ruta

Rhododendron occurs in ample colors and shapes, but Ukrainian Carpathians are home to one rare variety. It's identified by tender pink blossoms and a strong smell that can make you feel dizzy. The first blooms pop up on the shrubs as the nights get warm enough, and the true rhododendron goodness explodes with the onset of summer. By mid-June, mountain slopes get blanketed with mesmerizing pink flowers, but the short blooming season is usually over by the end of the month.

Rhododendron is common in the highlands and meadows. You can catch a unique feast of nature along the hiking trails of the Chornohora, the Marmaross, and the Svydovets mountain ranges. Just don't pick up the crimson beauties, for rhododendron is listed in the Red Book of Ukraine as an endangered plant. Instead, enjoy these gorgeous flowers in their natural environment.

In Ukraine, rhododendron has another local name—chervona ruta, meaning red flower. It stems from an old legend about a magic mountain bloom that flourishes only once in ten years. According to the folk tale, a girl who finds the flower is supposed to give it to her lover, and he will stay with her forever. In 1968, inspired by that story, a Ukrainian poet and composer, Volodymyr Ivasiuk, wrote a song named "Chervona Ruta," known nationwide nowadays.

Practical info

When can Rhododendron blooms be seen in Ukrainian Carpathians?

The Rhododendron or Chervona Ruta can be seen blooming in Ukrainian Carpathians from mid-May until late June. The bushes start flowering as nights get warm enough, and the peak of mesmerizing pink flowers happens during mid to late June. It is essential to visit during these months to witness the rare blooming of Rhododendron in the Ukrainian mountains. Show more

Which areas in Ukrainian Carpathians have the rare variety of Rhododendron with pink blossoms?

Chornohora, Marmaross, and Svydovets mountain ranges in Ukrainian Carpathians are where the rare variety of Rhododendron with pink blossoms is commonly found. The species [mainly grows in] meadows at high elevations and are adapted to this environment. These mountain ranges also offer unique nature experiences to each visitor through hiking trails. Show more

What is the story behind the local name for Rhododendron in Ukraine?

Rhododendron in Ukraine is known as 'chervona ruta,' which translates to 'red flower.' This name originates from a mountain bloom legend that happened every ten years. According to the story, whoever finds the flower must give it to their lover, and their love will last forever. The Ukrainian poet Volodymyr Ivasiuk even wrote a song named 'Chervona Ruta' inspired by this legend in 1968. Show more

Is it allowed to pick Rhododendron flowers in Ukrainian Carpathians?

No, picking up Rhododendron flowers in Ukrainian Carpathians is not recommended as it is considered an endangered plant listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. Picking flowers or damaging plants could severely impact the ecosystem and disrupt the biodiversity of Ukrainian Carpathians. Instead of plucking flowers, visitors should enjoy the captivating scenery created by Rhododendron in their natural habitat. Show more

What are the different Rhododendron species that can be seen in Ukrainian Carpathians, and what range of colors can they appear in?

There are various Rhododendron species in Ukrainian Carpathians, such as Pontic, Baical, and Dahurian Rhododendrons. These species exhibit different colors and shapes, but the rare Rhododendron variety identified through tender pink blossoms and a strong aroma is what is commonly found in the Carpathians. While there are other color varieties, including white, red, and purple, their blooming times can differ from the rare pink-blossomed variety. Show more

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