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Echium or Pride of Madeira

See blooming fields of Madeira's most famous flower

Best time: April–September

Echium or Pride of Madeira
Echium or Pride of Madeira
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Spring and summer in Madeira are​ marked by the bloom of Echium Candicans — a flower also called the Pride of Madeira. Echium has a tall head covered with small blue flowers. It can be found in numerous parks, botanical gardens as well as in the wild.

Practical info

When is the optimal season to witness the blooming of the Echium Candicans in Madeira?

The period from April to September is considered to be the best time to visit Madeira and observe the stunning Echium Candicans in bloom. The blue-colored Pride of Madeira is spread across the island rendering a picturesque view. The flowering is in its full glory during May when travelers get a chance to adore it to the fullest. Show more

Which are the other places to experience the Echium Candicans besides parks and botanical gardens?

The Echium Candicans are not just restricted to parks and botanical gardens in Madeira; they adorn the landscape naturally along the highways and hillsides. The plant is commonly found in the regions of Ribeira Brava, Boa Morte, and Ponta do Sol. Travelers can also explore the Pico do Arieiro hill, which is a famous trekking spot, to witness the plant's grandeur. Show more

What is the height that the Echium Candicans can attain?

The Echium Candicans can impressively grow up to three meters tall, and one cannot help but appreciate their grandeur, especially when in full bloom. Besides their beauty, these flowers hold substantial importance for the locals in Madeira. Not only are they an essential component in the production of honey, but they also aid in promoting biodiversity in the region. Show more

What cultural significance does the Echium Candicans hold for Madeira?

The Echium Candicans holds considerable cultural value to the people of Madeira as they regard it as an iconic symbol of their land. The vibrancy and elegance of the plant have encouraged art forms such as poetry, tourism advertisements, and music. Additionally, the Echium Candicans are highly appreciated for their role in boosting Madeira's ecological set up and biodiversity. Show more

Can visitors witness other flora indigenous to the Madeiran region?

Absolutely; Madeira is a botanical paradise with an array of plant species that exist in the area only. Visitors can delight in viewing native flora, including the likes of the Madeiran orchid, laurissilva, the canary laurel tree, and the blue jacaranda. One can check out the botanical gardens to experience the flora's full range on display or take a nature trail to view the plants in their natural habitat. Show more

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