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Best time to travel to Bolivia

Blooming Cacti

Whether in the dry lowland or wet Andean Altiplano, Bolivian cacti thrive everywhere

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In the east, there are wet lowlands, and the west—the dry and the formidable Andes, but Bolivian cacti seem to do well in any climate zone. These plants are found everywhere starting from the lowland Santa Cruz where cacti are less diverse and less frequent, to the hillsides of Bolivian Andes which are more abundant in cacti varieties. Lake Titikaka is particularly abundant featuring Neowerdermannia, Sulcorebutia, Corryocactus, Orecereus, and other cacti species. The areas of Oruro, Potosi, and Tarija are also splendid. The most widespread varieties of Andean cacti include Lobivia, Sulcorebutia, Rebutia, and others. Though flora and fauna hiking tours run throughout the entire dry season from May to October, if you prefer to see the cacti of Bolivia in their prime you should opt for September and October which is a ​blooming season.

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