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Lavender Blooming

The love associated flower composed a purple world in May

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Lavenders are in full bloom in Shanghai every year in May and June, with peak blooming usually in late May or early June. At this time, lavender festivals are held in different gardens in the city. There are about a dozen places to view lavender blooming in Shanghai, so you can choose your best option.

Lavender and Egret Romantic Theme Park on Chongming Island is known as the most beautiful garden in China. It has a planting area of 12 hectares (29.6 acres) planted with the lavenders from Provence, France. Every year in late May or June, the garden hosts a lavender festival where love and romance is the main theme alongside tender lavender flowers. In Chinese, the pronunciation of '5/20', which is May 20, as you might have guessed, is similar to 'I love you', so the one-month festival starts on this special day to represent love. Another secret of this lavender field is that the number of lavenders inside is around 36,500, which is a multiple of 100 and 365 and has the meaning of 'love you for 100 years.' The place is also known as the Purple Egret Lavender Garden, Zihailuyuan Romantic Garden (also 崇明岛紫海鹭缘浪漫庄园 or 紫海鹭缘浪漫爱情主题公园).

Another place where you can view blooming lavenders in Shanghai is the Momchilovtsi Herb Garden (莫斯利安香草园) located within the Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts Zone. Within a 15-minute walk from Shanghai Disneyland, the garden provides tourists with a natural and quiet space. The lavender viewing season at the garden is during a few weeks in May and June, so check the updates before visiting. Its lavender field is the largest in the city of Shanghai, with around 200,000 lavenders planted in the garden. The season provides various activities on the theme of lavender, such as making lavender essential oil and lavender oil soaps. The Herb Garden is also dotted by almost a million roses that usually bloom in June and July.

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