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Playa Maya Water Park in Shanghai

The largest open-air water park in Eastern China can refresh you during the hot summer season

Best time: late June–early September

Shanghai Playa Maya Water Park, also known as Maya Beach Water Park (玛雅海滩水公园 in Chinese), is located at the south-west areas of the Happy Valley theme park. The water park occupies an area of 12.8 hectares (31.6 acres) and can accommodate more than 26,000 visitors per day. The size and infrastructure of the park allow to host about 14,000 people simultaneously in one hour. Based on the energy-saving principle, the facilities are run by the power of water, which consumes only 25% electricity of the traditional over-water roller coasters.

There about 30 different water amusement rides in the park, including double-track over water maglev roller coasters, big octopus slide, the world's biggest magic interactive super water village, Asian newest slides group, and deep-sea swirl experience projects. Also, to meet the needs of people of different ages, the park opens a children entertainment area equipped for family fun. The water is sanitized every four or six hours so that you can enjoy the park without hygiene concerns.

Playa Maya Water Park only operates for about two-three months every summer. The dates differ each year slightly, but it is roughly from the last week of June to early September. As a sister park of Happy Valley theme park, the water park has a direct gate to the latter one, but you need to buy a separate ticket. This way, you can smoothly switch from the water park activities to the thrills and rides of the Happy Valley theme park to spend a lovely day with friends and family.

Practical info

When is it recommended to visit Playa Maya Water Park in Shanghai?

The ideal time to visit Playa Maya Water Park in Shanghai is during the hottest season, which is typically from late June up to early September. Usually, the park receives the most visitors during this period, stretching over a few days each year. Show more

What are the park's visitor capacity and occupied area?

Playa Maya Water Park covers a vast area of about 12.8 hectares (31.6 acres), accommodating over 26,000 visitors daily. With facilities that can serve up to approximately 14,000 individuals within an hour, waiting time for rides is negligible even during high traffic periods. Show more

What kind of water rides and attractions can a visitor enjoy at Playa Maya Water Park?

Within Playa Maya Water Park, about 30 different water amusement rides related to deep-sea exploration thrill are available, including the world-renowned magic interactive super water village, double over water maglev coaster, large octopus slide, Asian newest slides group, and deep-sea swirl experience projects. This diversified selection of the rides is perfect for people of any age group looking to have fun on a hot summer day. Show more

Is there any special section for family fun, and what activities can a family participate in there?

In Playa Maya Water Park, there is a designated area for families that incorporates child-friendly rides like the jungle python slide, family drifting, and a cartoon wave pool. This attractive zone offers an excellent opportunity for people to spend time with their loved ones and create unforgettable memories together. Show more

What measures does Playa Maya Water Park take to maintain high hygienic standards, and how often is the water at the park sanitized?

To maintain a clean and hygienic environment for its guests, Playa Maya Water Park sanitizes the water periodically every four to six hours. Moreover, to ensure that visitors are not exposed to harsh chemicals, the park has eliminated its reliance on traditional electricity-power intensive over-water roller coasters in favor of more eco-friendly cleaning options while still delivering a top-notch visitor experience. Show more

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