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Best time of year to visit Tokyo

March to May and September to November with pleasant temperatures are the best time to visit Tokyo. Spring will fascinate you with cherry blossoms and blooming wisteria tunnels. You might want to avoid Golden Week when residents travel in and out of the city. Visiting Tokyo in the middle of autumn means tasting all kinds of Japanese fruits like kaki, yuzu or nashi pears and being petrified by fantastic autumn foliage. June to September is a peak tourist season with longer lines and torturing heat accompanied by humidity. Lounging on the beach or climbing Mount Fuji sounds like a good summer experience. Winter in Tokyo can be chilly but mainly tolerable. December through February period gives you a chance to try exotic Japanese inago or zazamushi. The prices in Tokyo are high throughout a year, so there might be no seasonal deals.


Cherry Blossoms

late March–late April • nature

The first week of April is the best chance to see Japanese cherry trees in full bloom!

Hanami Season

February–April  • activity

Enjoy the colorful sights of spring blossoms

Ume Blossom

February–March • nature

The beautiful though often underappreciated blossoms of Japanese plum or apricot are one of the first signs of spring

Baseball Season

March–October  • activity

An American sport with the Japanese twist


December–May • food

The unique Japanese strawberries make for great romantic gifts

Beach Season

April–October • activity

The official beach season starts with the end of school. But you can enjoy it any time


late March– April • food

Taste this true sign of spring

Hanami Dango

late March–April • food

Thanks to this traditional Japanese dessert you will be able to feel cherry blossoms with all your five senses

Kusa Mochi

March–May • food

Traditionally eaten in spring, "grass mochi" is a true delight

Onsen & Bathhouses

all year round • activity

Winter in Tokyo can be very pleasant if you warm up in one of the bathhouses

Fugu Season

October–March • food

This expensive luxury food can also be deadly


Fuji Shibazakura

April 14–May 27, 2018 • event

A festival that celebrates the beauty of Shibazakura

Climbing Mount Fuji

early July–mid-September  • activity

Climbing Mt Fuji is a truly beautiful experience​!


September 09–23, 2018 | November 11–25, 2018 • event

Check out this famous and ancient Japanese sport in action!

Wisteria Tunnels

late April–early May • nature

It's unbelievable that such beauty actually exists on planet Earth. Visit the hundred-year-old wisteria gardens during bloom and see for yourself

Hydrangea Blossoms

June–early July • nature

Explore the temples of Kamakura with its stunning flower carpets

Kanamara Matsuri

April 01, 2018 • event

An interesting festival that celebrates fertility and openness that welcomes everyone!

Fukagawa Hachiman Matsuri

mid-August • event

Definitely the wettest in Japan! This water-throwing festival brings both happiness and prosperity


late April or early May • event

This Baby Crying Festival that has been making children cry for over 300 years!

Tsuchiura National Fireworks Competition

October 06, 2018 • event

One of the last major fireworks shows of the year

Obon Matsuri

July 13–July 15 | August 13–August 15 • event

Feel the spirituality of the Japanese Buddhist festival of the Dead


November–February • food

A small fruit with a sweet peel


December–February  • food

This insect dish is available in jars or freshly boiled and prepared over rice during winter

Asakusa Tori No Ichi Fair

November • event

Celebrate the arrival of winter and the end of the year

Toshikoshi Soba

December 31 • food

Traditional noodles for a great New Year's meal


June–July • food

Well-known for their blossoms, umes are Japanese plums

Tanabata Festival

July 07–August • event

Celebrated nationwide, this festival brings colour and romance to daily life!


December–February  • food

A small fish with a great taste

Tokyo Marathon

March 03, 2019 • event

Take part in the most prestigeous long distance race of Asia

Koenji Awa Odori & Harajuku Super Yosakoi

August 25–26, 2018 • event

Huge dancing festivals, full of positive energy

Kurayami Matsuri (Darkness Festival)

April 30–May 06 • event

Watch this surreal night-time light procession which will throw you back in times of ancient Japan

Asakusa Sanja Matsuri Festival

May 17–19, 2019 • event

A large traditional festival in the center of Tokyo

Kaki or Japanese Persimmon

November–February  • food

An autumn fruit with a woody texture

Kakigori or Shaved Ice

June–August • food

Suffering from intense summer heat? Cool down with delicious Kakigori

Nashi Pears

September–October • food

Similar to apples in taste and texture, Japanese pears are large and crispy


November–December • food

Used mostly for cooking, this citrus fruit has a unique taste

Sea Cucumber

December–February • food

Though not too pleasing to the eye, these creatures are a true delicacy

Fuji Apples

September–November • food

These special Japanese apples are both sweet and juicy


June–August  • food

In Japan summer means eel time!


May–July • food

You will find it everywhere during this season!

Sumida River Fireworks

July 28, 2018 • event

One of the oldest and most famous fireworks shows in Japan

Daikoku Matsuri

mid-January 2019 (TBA) • event

Sart the New Year by honouring the Japanese god of fortune

Kanda Matsuri

mid-May • event

One of the greatest festivals in Tokyo with 100 portable shrines being carried through the city

Nabemono or Nabe

December–February • food

Try this Japanese hot pot dish when it's cold outside

Sanno Matsuri

June 07–17, 2020 • event

One of three most important festivals in Tokyo

Mt. Takao Hiwatari-sai Festival

March 10, 2019 • event

Don't miss a chance to see a fire-walking festival on Mt. Takao

Surfing & Windsurfing

August–October • activity

Try some adrenaline-pumping sports right in Japan's capital


September–December • food

Japanese grapes with a thick skin

Senso-ji Hagoita-Ichi Fair

December 17–December 19 • event

A holiday fair at one of the most famous sightseeing spots in Tokyo

Jindaiji Daruma Ichi Fair

March 03–04, 2019 • event

Spring arrival is always celebrated by Daruma doll fair at the Jindai-ji temple in Tokyo

Ako Gishi-sai Festival

December 14 • event

Honour the most well-known samurai heroes from the Edo period

Mission Uchimizu

June–August • activity

Japanese simultaniously pour the water on the pavements to cool the heat

Satonishiki Cherries

May–July • food

A bright red and luxurious variety of cherry


late November–February • food

Most often eaten in winter, zazamushi might be the strangest dish you have ever tried!


October–January • food

A citrus fruit that is easy to peel