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Cherry Blossoms

late March–late April • nature

The first week of April is the best chance to see Japanese cherry trees in full bloom!

Hanami Season

February–April  • activity

Enjoy the colorful sights of spring blossoms

Ume Blossom

February–March • nature

The beautiful though often underappreciated blossoms of Japanese plum or apricot are one of the first signs of spring

Baseball Season

March–October  • activity

An American sport with the Japanese twist

Beach Season

April–October • activity

The official beach season starts with the end of school. But you can enjoy it any time


December–May • food

The unique Japanese strawberries make for great romantic gifts

Kusa Mochi

March–May • food

Traditionally eaten in spring, "grass mochi" is a true delight


late March– April • food

Taste this true sign of spring

Hanami Dango

late March–April • food

Thanks to this traditional Japanese dessert you will be able to feel cherry blossoms with all your five senses

Onsen & Bathhouses

all year round • activity

Winter in Tokyo can be very pleasant if you warm up in one of the bathhouses

Fugu Season

October–March • food

This expensive luxury food can also be deadly


Fuji Shibazakura

April 14–May 27, 2018 • event

A festival that celebrates the beauty of Shibazakura

Climbing Mount Fuji

early July–mid-September  • activity

Climbing Mt Fuji is a truly beautiful experience​!


July 08–22, 2018 | September 09–23, 2018 | November 11–25, 2018 • event

Check out this famous and ancient Japanese sport in action!

Hydrangea Blossoms

June–early July • nature

Explore the temples of Kamakura with its stunning flower carpets

Wisteria Tunnels

late April–early May • nature

It's unbelievable that such beauty actually exists on planet Earth. Visit the hundred-year-old wisteria gardens during bloom and see for yourself

Kanamara Matsuri

April 01, 2018 • event

An interesting festival that celebrates fertility and openness that welcomes everyone!

Fukagawa Hachiman Matsuri

mid-August • event

Definitely the wettest in Japan! This water-throwing festival brings both happiness and prosperity


late April or early May • event

This Baby Crying Festival that has been making children cry for over 300 years!

Tsuchiura National Fireworks Competition

October 06, 2018 • event

One of the last major fireworks shows of the year

Obon Matsuri

July 13–July 15 | August 13–August 15 • event

Feel the spirituality of the Japanese Buddhist festival of the Dead


November–February • food

A small fruit with a sweet peel


December–February  • food

This insect dish is available in jars or freshly boiled and prepared over rice during winter

Asakusa Tori No Ichi Fair

November • event

Celebrate the arrival of winter and the end of the year


June–July • food

Well-known for their blossoms, umes are Japanese plums

Toshikoshi Soba

December 31 • food

Traditional noodles for a great New Year's meal


December–February  • food

A small fish with a great taste

Koenji Awa Odori & Harajuku Super Yosakoi

August 25–26, 2018 • event

Huge dancing festivals, full of positive energy

Kurayami Matsuri (Darkness Festival)

April 30–May 06 • event

Watch this surreal night-time light procession which will throw you back in times of ancient Japan

Asakusa Sanja Matsuri Festival

May 17–19, 2019 • event

A large traditional festival in the center of Tokyo

Kaki or Japanese Persimmon

November–February  • food

An autumn fruit with a woody texture

Tanabata Festival

July 07–August • event

Celebrated nationwide, this festival brings colour and romance to daily life!


November–December • food

Used mostly for cooking, this citrus fruit has a unique taste

Nashi Pears

September–October • food

Similar to apples in taste and texture, Japanese pears are large and crispy

Kakigori or Shaved Ice

June–August • food

Suffering from intense summer heat? Cool down with delicious Kakigori

Sea Cucumber

December–February • food

Though not too pleasing to the eye, these creatures are a true delicacy

Fuji Apples

September–November • food

These special Japanese apples are both sweet and juicy


June–August  • food

In Japan summer means eel time!

Sumida River Fireworks

July 28, 2018 • event

One of the oldest and most famous fireworks shows in Japan


May–July • food

You will find it everywhere during this season!

Kanda Matsuri

mid-May • event

One of the greatest festivals in Tokyo with 100 portable shrines being carried through the city

Sanno Matsuri

June 07–17, 2020 • event

One of three most important festivals in Tokyo


September–December • food

Japanese grapes with a thick skin

Mission Uchimizu

June–August • activity

Japanese simultaniously pour the water on the pavements to cool the heat

Mt. Takao Hiwatari-sai Festival

March 10, 2019 • event

Don't miss a chance to see a fire-walking festival on Mt. Takao

Surfing & Windsurfing

August–October • activity

Try some adrenaline-pumping sports right in Japan's capital

Nabemono or Nabe

December–February • food

Try this Japanese hot pot dish when it's cold outside

Daikoku Matsuri

mid-January 2019 (TBA) • event

Sart the New Year by honouring the Japanese god of fortune

Senso-ji Hagoita-Ichi Fair

December 17–December 19 • event

A holiday fair at one of the most famous sightseeing spots in Tokyo

Jindaiji Daruma Ichi Fair

March 03–04, 2019 • event

Spring arrival is always celebrated by Daruma doll fair at the Jindai-ji temple in Tokyo

Ako Gishi-sai Festival

December 14 • event

Honour the most well-known samurai heroes from the Edo period

Satonishiki Cherries

May–July • food

A bright red and luxurious variety of cherry


late November–February • food

Most often eaten in winter, zazamushi might be the strangest dish you have ever tried!


October–January • food

A citrus fruit that is easy to peel