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Onsen & Bathhouses

Winter in Tokyo can be very pleasant if you warm up in one of the bathhouses


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The capital of Japan is full of onsen and bathhouses that are visited all year round, and become especially delightful with the arrival of cold windy days.

There are two types of baths in Tokyo. Onsen is filled with natural volcanic spring water, known for its healing abilities and rich mineral content. Sento bath is a simpler and cheaper version since it simply uses regular heated water. These communal hot-water baths imply certain rules and etiquette from its visitors. So before planning your visit make sure you educate yourself about it.

Many bathhouses include separate male and female onsens. The high-end bathhouses have beautiful outdoor jacuzzis and lush Japanese gardens. The water is rich in minerals and can ease muscle pain and joint stiffness. Children under the age of 13 are usually denied entry to these places of ultimate relaxation.

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