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Hot Springs in Peru

Take some time in your exploration to relax in healing hot springs between the green hills of the Andes

Best time: May–October

Hot Springs

What can be more relaxing for a tired trekker than several hours in hot springs that can heal both a tired body and roving mind?

You can always find some hot springs near where you are staying, as there are plenty of them around Peru, but here are some popular and recommended ones that you should check out first.

Aguas Calientes is the most famous place, as it can be easily reached after visiting Machu Picchu, so many tourist groups are taken there. Though, of course, some may not like the crowds of people sitting in bubbling sulfur waters during the day or evening. So the best time to chill in Aguas Calientes is early morning.

Banos Termales de Cocalmayo are also not far away from Machu Picchu. Its territory is smaller than Aguas Calientes, but the entrance fee is smaller, crowds are smaller, and the biggest and highest pool is truly hot. The City of Santa Teresa, where this complex is located, cannot offer many attractions, but you can arrive there at the end of the day and stay in Banos Termales from late evening till early morning.

The hot springs of Churin are located about a 6 hours drive from Lima. This complex has almost everything you may expect from hot springs - waterfalls, pools, basins, private rooms with sulfur water on tap, a spa, massages, and so on. The natural cliffs and waterfalls that surround pools look magnificent, and you should save at least several hours for Churin or even a whole day.

The best time to visit Peruvian hot springs is between May and October during the dry season.

Practical info

What are some popular hot springs near Machu-Picchu?

Aguas Calientes and Banos Termales de Cocalmayo are famous hot springs near Machu Picchu. Churin hot springs are another popular choice which has everything you may expect from hot springs & is about 6 hrs away from Lima. Show more

Where to stay near Banos Termales de Cocalmayo?

If you are planning to visit Banos Termales de Cocalmayo, stay near Santa Teresa for easy access. There aren't many attractions in Santa Teresa, so soak in the hot springs until morning & continue your adventure the next day. Show more

When is the ideal time to visit Aguas Calientes?

For a peaceful hot spring experience in Aguas Calientes, visit between May and October, which is the dry season. Plan an early morning trip to avoid crowds as the springs get crowded during the day or evening. Show more

How much time does it take to drive from Lima to Churin hot springs?

The drive from Lima to Churin hot springs is approximately 197 kilometers long, taking around 6 hours. However, taking a bus usually takes 8 hours to cover the distance. Factor in traffic delays & mountain roads for a lengthier drive. Show more

What are some activities to do in Churin aside from hot springs?

Churin has breathtaking views, ancient town, nearby nature reserve parks like Cerro La Viuda and Nor Yauyos-Cochas Landscape Reserve for hiking, and beautiful botanical gardens to explore aside from hot springs. Show more

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