Best time to visit Austria

Winter Thermal Baths in Austria 2024-2025

Relax and leave behind the everyday routine in one of the many thermal baths or spa centres in Austria

Best time: December–April

Winter Thermal Baths
Winter Thermal Baths
Winter Thermal Baths
Winter Thermal Baths

Austria has a great variety of thermal baths and spas located among the country's natural beauty. It is a popular tourist attraction as well as is loved by the locals. Modern thermal baths are a combination of fun and relaxation. The most suitable time to visit them is during the winter holidays.

What can be better than a chance to relax in the warm bath after an exciting day of hitting the slopes? There are several places that are in Europe's top 20. Among them, ​you can find the "Therme Aqua Dome" in Längenfeld at the base of the Ötztal Alp Mountains. It is a typical example of a modern spa in Austria. Here you can find a Sauna Village, the Aqua Dome itself, a Beauty Farm, pools to swim outdoors, and a range of other activities. It's an ideal place for families.

The outdoor pool of Bad Gastein near Salzburg has a great view of the Hohe Tauern mountains. It offers a 360 degree Alpine panorama, geysers, an adventure dome, and a sauna world with a mountain lake to cool off in. 18 radon-rich springs attract visitors from all Europe. "Therme Bad Blumau" in Lower Austria has two natural hot springs. Designed by a famous architect Hundertwasser, it is very popular with its rainbow colors and underwater music.

You can also visit Bad Waltersdorf in Styria, Warmbad Villach in Carinthia, "Therme Stegersbach" in Burgerland, or "Therme Loipersdorf." The variety is huge, choose what is best for you and enjoy!

Practical info

When is the most ideal time to experience thermal baths in Austria?

Skiing down the slopes in the winter before indulging in warm thermal baths is a popular winter vacation idea. Austria has some of the best natural hot springs combined with modern spa facilities and plenty of activities. The best time to visit thermal baths in Austria is between December and April, with winter holiday discounts often available in December, January, and March. It is ideal to plan to go to Austria for a memorable spa holiday during this period. Show more

Where are the highly rated thermal baths situated in Austria?

You can indulge in the best spa experiences in Austria, tailor-made to suit your preferences. Therme Aqua Dome in Längenfeld, Bad Gastein near Salzburg, Therme Bad Blumau in Lower Austria, Bad Waltersdorf in Styria, Warmbad Villach in Carinthia, Therme Stegersbach in Burgenland, and Therme Loipersdorf are the most favored thermal baths in Austria. Offering many activities and facilities, each thermal bath has its unique features to cater to visitors' different cravings for saunas, pools, massages, and more. Show more

What are the various activities to enjoy in thermal baths?

Austria's thermal baths offer endless possibilities for visitors. It provides indoor and outdoor swimming pools, sauna villages, activity and adventure domes, beauty farms, family activities, geysers, underground music, dining at various restaurants, and more. Visitors can also explore Austria's mountain range's natural hot springs and enjoy activities like skiing, water sports, and hiking and return to a relaxation center in the thermal baths. So, do not hesitate to add Austria to your vacation list for an unforgettable spa experience. Show more

What number of natural hot springs are available at 'Therme Bad Blumau'?

Therme Bad Blumau in Lower Austria features two natural hot springs with a modern underground piping system that ensures the purity of the thermal bath water. While therapeutic for muscles and joints, visitors can also savor other services, including various massages, skin treatments, and consultations with experienced therapists. You want to visit Therme Bad Blumau for its world-renowned architecture vision and environmental philosophy which guarantees unique thermal bath experiences. Show more

What makes the design of 'Therme Bad Blumau' special?

Therme Bad Blumau in Lower Austria is famous for its unique designs created by the famous Austrian architect, Friedensreich Hundertwasser. Its design boasts of an impressive rainbow-colored wall, grassy roofs, and surrealist decor. The indoor and outdoor thermal pools, hot tubs, and rest areas combine brilliant colors with unique architecture to foster harmony between human-made structures and nature, often described as the 'Healing Thermal Baths.' The thermal bath experience and architecture make Therme Bad Blumau unforgettable. Show more

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