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Hoyo Azul

Explore an impressive swimming hole planted in the foot of a cliff


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Hoyo Azul is a treasure of nature that is well worth a visit. It represents a 40-feet (15-m) deep natural hole in the Earth that has formed into a majestic pool full of blue water. Swimming in a turquoise lagoon of Scape Park, where the sense of caring disappears and time stops, makes a truly unique experience. The rocky floor of the cenote is fully visible due to the light refracting through clear waters. Such conditions require a low-lying site near the coast and are rarely found in other inland pools and lakes. Hoyo Azul's vegetation presents a lowland tropical jungle typical for this part of the Dominican Republic.

After walking down a long staircase on the side of a cliff, the best thing you can do is to dive in and it will only take a couple of seconds before your body gets used to the chilly water. Hoyo Azul is perfect not only for swimming but also for scuba diving. Bring a towel with you to dry off fairly quickly after a dive.

For visiting Hoya Azul, you’ll need to buy a ticket for Scape Park with prices varying depending on what you want to do there. However, it’s money well spent with some fantastic experiences the park can offer. Visitors can opt for a guided tour through the caverns or book a zip-lining along the cliffs. Water zip lines and designated climbing routes are available as well.

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