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Natural Rock Pools in Canary Islands

Natural rock pools of volcanic origin offer a peaceful and very relaxing swim for everybody

Best time: March–November

Natural Rock Pools
Natural Rock Pools
Natural Rock Pools
Natural Rock Pools
Natural Rock Pools

The constant winds of the islands create beautiful big waves, which are perfect for various water sports. However, if you feel like swimming in the ​peaceful water, the Canary Islands have lots of calm natural swimming pools located right on the beach with all the facilities you may need for a relaxing day at the ocean. These pools are created by nature, thus the water from the ocean easily seeps into them. They are mostly formed by lava from long ago erupted volcanoes. On the island of Tenerife, you can find volcanic rock pools formed in 1706, when the lava flow blocked off the harbour. Garachico's volcanic rock pools are a great place for swimming and sunbathing. Pools have different depths, which are suitable for adults and kids as well.

Los Charcones in Gran Canaria is another place, blessed with natural bathing pools. It has sunbathing terraces, restaurants, plenty of bathrooms, parking etc. A wide wall of rocks protects it from the powerful Atlantic waves. Charco Azul, situated in El Hierro, is one of the most spectacular bathing spots. Turquoise pools welcome everyone to have a relaxing day in calm water and enjoy the view of the ocean. Huge rocks provide white spray from the waves crushing into them. A charming pool, hidden in the caves, but still with a great view is a nice place to forget about everyday life. The beautiful basalt arch over the pool is a finest example of natural lava sculpture.

Natural swimming pools of Los Charcones can be found in the south of Lanzarote. Aguas Verdes in Betancuria, Fuerteventura is a great example of the best unspoilt natural pools to be found in the Canary Islands. Six kilometres of pools go along the coastline of the finest white sand beaches. Here you can also meet some squirrels on the way to the pool and crabs which inhabit in the rocks. Las Salinas de Agaete, located in the north-west of Gran Canaria looks like a fortress protected from the ocean. These three natural pools offer a stunning view, beautiful sunbathing areas and diving sites.

Delightful natural blue pools of clear, calm waters can be found on the uninhabited island of Puertito de Lobos. The territory of the islet is a natural reserve with amazing views, lovely beaches, great diving spots, and walkways. Charco del Conde, situated in Valle Gran Rey in La Gomera, is a perfect swimming spot for all the family. La Palma’s Charco Azul offers visitors one of the best swimming spots with huge rocks protecting the pools from waves. There are also children's pools with a flat bottom, a tiny waterfall, sunbathing zone, showers, and changing rooms as well as green areas and parking.

Choose the one you like the most and start planning your unforgettable holidays.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit the natural rock pools of the Canary Islands?

Visiting the natural rock pools of the Canary Islands is ideal between March and November. During this period, the temperatures range between 20 to 30-degree Celsius, perfect for swimming. Additionally, the sea is usually calm, making it safe to swim in the natural pools. Show more

Where can I find natural swimming pools formed by 1706 lava flow in Tenerife?

Garachico, a municipality of Tenerife, is the home of the volcanic rock pools created by 1706 lava flow. It is a great place to visit with various depths suitable for both kids and adults. The location also provides an amazing view of El Teide, the highest mountain of Spain. Show more

What facilities are available at Los Charcones natural bathing pools in Gran Canaria?

Los Charcones is popular because it offers more than swimming at the natural bathing pools. Among the facilities available are sunbathing terraces, bathrooms, and ample parking space. The various depths provided by the pools make it an ideal location for kids to swim safely. The stone wall barrier also protects visitors from strong waves and provides a breathtaking view of the ocean. Show more

Which Canary Island has unspoilt natural pools located along six kilometres of coastline?

Betancuria, Fuerteventura, is home to the unspoilt natural pools that go along six kilometres of coastline. The Aguas Verde location has white sand beaches where squirrels and crabs inhabit the nearby rocks. Apart from swimming, visitors can enjoy diving and view stunning scenery. Show more

How can I reach the uninhabited island of Puertito de Lobos to see the natural blue pools?

Visitors can access the uninhabited island of Puertito de Lobos by taking the ferry from Corralejo in Fuerteventura. It provides amazing views, lovely beaches, and great diving spots, including delightful natural blue pools. Operating on a daily basis from 10 a.m, the ferry ride lasts from 15 to 20 minutes one way. Visitors should carry enough food and water since there are no cafes or restaurants on the island. Show more

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