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Lava Pools in Madeira

Get a pleasant swim in volcanic lava pools

Best time: May–November

Lava Pools
Lava Pools
Lava Pools

There have been plenty of volcanic activity in Madeira in the past. It resulted in the formation of natural volcanic pools located near Porto Moniz village. Those pools get filled with salty water and are great for swimming. Even though Madeira is considered to be an ​all-year-round resort, in winter it often rains, and the water temperature falls below 19 °C, so it's hardly possible to swim for a long time.

Practical info

How deep are the lava pools in Madeira?

The lava pools have varying depths, with some being shallow while others can be as deep as 5-6 meters. Exploring the pools can also come with some risks, such as slippery surfaces caused by algae. Visitors should exercise caution by thoroughly checking the depth before jumping in and taking care when exploring to prevent accidents. Show more

When is the best time to swim in the lava pools?

To enjoy optimal swimming conditions in Madeira's lava pools, plan your visit between May and November. During this period, the average water temperature ranges between 22°C-25°C, providing comfortable conditions for swimming. Before swimming, be sure to check for current conditions and changing weather patterns as heavy rainfall or rough waters will impact safety. Show more

Are the lava pools safe for children to swim in?

All ages enjoy swimming at the lava pools, but younger children need adult supervision. Around the pools are sharp volcanic rocks, some areas are quite deep, and less experienced swimmers may be at risk. To minimize swimming-related hazards, ensure that children are supervised by adults and take all necessary precautions when swimming and exploring the pools. Show more

Is there an entrance fee to access the lava pools in Porto Moniz?

At Porto Moniz's pool complex, visitors can access the pools upon payment of an entrance fee, which varies with the age of the visitor and the time of year. Purchase your tickets at the pool entrance, and remember to bring along essentials like towels and sunscreen since they may not be available. Additionally, visitor facilities like showers, lockers, and restaurants are available. Show more

What are some other activities to do near Porto Moniz village besides swimming in the lava pools?

Beyond swimming in the lava pools, Porto Moniz offers other attractions. You can visit Santana village, with its notable A-framed houses, or gaze at the marine life at Madeira Aquarium. Other activities to enjoy include diving, surfing, parasailing, whale-watching or any other activities offered by local tour operators. Plan your trip to enjoy these and more exciting activities in the village. Show more

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