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Rocket Launch at Kennedy Space Center in Florida

See rocket's space launch from NASA headquarters

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Rocket Launch at Kennedy Space Center
Rocket Launch at Kennedy Space Center
Rocket Launch at Kennedy Space Center

A rocket launch is an educational and thrilling experience. Observing the launchpad and listening to the countdown, then seeing the rocket’s flames and powerful roar of the engine—it is so impressive that it can give you goosebumps.

Kennedy Space Center offers the closest public observation of rocket launches. The tickets are online and sell out fast so check the website regularly. The launches take place year round on certain dates, and tickets usually appear a few months or weeks in advance.

You can also buy an annual pass in order to see all rocket launches, as well as a number of other events happening at the Kennedy Space Center. It is located near Titusville in central Florida. There is also a wildlife refuge, as well as NASA’s launch headquarters.

Practical info

When can you see a rocket launch at Kennedy Space Center?

Rocket launches are scheduled on specific dates throughout the year, and tickets go up online a few months or weeks ahead of time. You can view the detailed launch schedule for the year online that is planned around SpaceX and United Launch Alliance launches. Therefore, keep an eye out for updates on their website to make sure you don't miss the next rocket launch. Show more

What are the best spots to watch a rocket launch at Kennedy Space Center?

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is the closest public viewing area for rocket launches. There is an open viewing area in the visitor complex for guests to see the rocket launch at a distance of three miles. You may also try out other viewing sites for a different distance view from the launch area like Playalinda Beach, Canaveral National Seashore, Exploration Tower, US-1 and State Road 402 boat ramps. Show more

How long does it take to drive from Titusville to Kennedy Space Center?

Merritt Island, where Kennedy Space Center is located, is around 18 miles from Titusville which usually takes 25 minutes to drive. Visitors can use a car rental service, bus or taxi to get to Kennedy Space Center from Titusville. Moreover, Titusville also has various hotels and restaurants available, making it a convenient base to watch the rocket launch. Show more

Are there other events and attractions offered at Kennedy Space Center?

In addition to the rocket launch, Kennedy Space Center provides a variety of other attractions and events that people may wish to attend. There is a Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit, a Saturn V exhibit that showcases the history of moon exploration as well as several IMAX theatres that show space-related documentaries. Visitors can also experience the Astronaut Training Experience, simulate a space mission, drive a rover on Mars and practice spacewalking. Up-close Vehicle Tours, Lunch with an Astronaut (on selected days) and stargazing in the night sky are other events available. Show more

What is the refund policy for postponed or cancelled rocket launches at Kennedy Space Center?

Though the Kennedy Space Visitor Center has a policy of no refund when a rocket launch is cancelled or postponed due to weather or technical problems, the ticket is valid for the next launch date. You may also use the ticket for general admission to the Space Center to explore exhibits and attractions or reschedule the visit after the launch. It's highly recommended to review the cancellation policies of Kennedy Space Center's website before buying the ticket. Show more

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