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Indianapolis Crossroads Air Show 2023

Visit one of the biggest air shows in Indiana!

Dates: October 28–29, 2023

Indianapolis Crossroads Air Show

Each year, Indianapolis Regional Airport hosts the spectacular Indianapolis Crossroads Air Show. Aviation lovers from all over the world travel to Indiana to see the fantastic aerobatic displays, put on by some of the best pilots in the world. So, let's explore what's in for visitors!

Vintage airplanes, fighter jets, and helicopters are all on display at the event. People have the opportunity to interact with aircraft and even speak with the pilots. The airshow also includes ground displays, live music, food and beverage stands, a kid's area, and other attractions, in addition to the aerial performances. Overall, the Indianapolis Crossroads Air Show is sure to be a memorable event with its exhilarating aerobatic performances and lively ambiance. Just remember to book your accommodation in advance and have an amazing time!

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