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OC Air Show 2024

Soak up the power and patriotism while watching aircraft acrobatics at the oceanfront

Dates: August 24-25, 2024

OC Air Show
OC Air Show
OC Air Show

The Ocean City Air Show 2024, soaring over the picturesque beaches of Maryland, is an aviation extravaganza that attracts thousands to the sun-drenched shores of Ocean City each summer. This air show, renowned for its stunning aerial displays and beachfront spectacles, offers a thrilling lineup of both military and civilian performances, captivating audiences with feats of aerobatics, precision flying, and high-speed maneuvers.


The OC Air Show 2024 takes place along the coastline of Ocean City, Maryland, providing a stunning backdrop for the aerial displays. Еру show center is located on the beach between 13th and 17th Streets. Public parking is available, but VIP ticket owners can enjoy parking spaces close to the location.

Program of the Festival

At the OC Air Show 2024, attendees can expect to see thrilling aerial performances by top military and civilian teams, including the Frecce Tricolori and the F-22 Raptor Demo Team. The show will feature dynamic flying displays, precision aerobatics, and possibly historical aircraft exhibitions, showcasing both military excellence and civilian aviation expertise. The event promises an immersive and patriotic experience, celebrating aerial skill and innovation against the backdrop of Ocean City's scenic coastline.

The highlight of the event often features performances by iconic groups such as the U.S. Navy Blue Angels or the Air Force Thunderbirds, whose pilots execute complex formations and high-speed passes with breathtaking precision. The roar of their engines is a sound of freedom and prowess, echoing over the Atlantic waves and drawing eyes skyward from every corner of the beach and boardwalk.

Ticket Options

For the OC Air Show 2024, ticket options include the Sand Boxes at $42.75 per person, offering a private viewing area with dedicated amenities. The VIP Skybox is available at $249, providing elevated views and all-day catering. The Drop Zone Beach tickets are priced at $25, featuring on-site facilities and food services. Lastly, the Flight Line Club VIP offers a beach experience with catered lunch and beverages starting at $149 per person.

Ocean City Accommodation

For those attending the Ocean City Air Show in August 2024, it's advisable to consider accommodation options well in advance. Ocean City, known for its range of lodging choices from beachfront hotels to cozy inns, can fill up quickly due to the popularity of the air show. Visitors are encouraged to book early to secure their preferred accommodation and enjoy the convenience of staying close to the event's festivities.

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