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Shuttleworth Air Shows 2024

Choose any from a series of premier air shows between May and October

Dates: May 12-October 6, 2024

Shuttleworth Air Shows
Shuttleworth Air Shows
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Shuttleworth air shows run at Old Warden Airfield (Shuttleworth) near Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, annually between May and October. As the venue is relatively small, the flying jets seem extra close to the crowds, and this feature makes Shuttleworth air displays stand out. The aircraft performances fall into full-day shows, evening proms, and smaller events. The titles and dates of the flying days differ each year, but you can count on at least one or two shows every month throughout the season. For the current schedule of events, visit the official website of Shuttleworth (see External Resources below).

About the venue

Next to the Old Warden Airfield, you'll find Shuttleworth Collection, an aeronautical and automotive museum, housing more than 40 historic planes, along with vintage vehicles and motorcycles. Shuttleworth air shows typically feature both the resident aircraft and the visiting ones. You can also see Shuttleworth's unique collection on a static display throughout the year. In addition to the museum, the festive goers can check out an adjacent Shuttleworth House, which is usually open to the public on selected flying days. Also, take your time to stroll around the 19th-century Victorian-style Regency Swiss Garden.

Where to stay

As for your stay, each Shuttleworth air show offers camping, which can be booked online. Also, the map below provides a broad range of accommodations near Old Warden and further across England. Note that Old Warden Airfield is situated roughly 50 miles (80 km) north of London, a bit more than a 1.5-hour drive.

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