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Secret Hideaways

April–September • activity

Ever dreamed of escaping to a hideaway resort?

Parks and Gardens in Autumn Foliage

late September–November • activity

Parisian parks and gardens are beautiful at any time of the year but in autumn they become especially charming and poetic

Exploring the Calanques

October–May • nature

This natural treasure of Provence and cousin to the Scandinavian fjords is an essential highlight of any trip to the region

Louvre with Shorter Queues

September–May • activity

Whether you are a keen museum goer or not, the world's finest art is worth exploring!

Fromage de Chèvre or Goat Cheese

April–October  • food

Wine and cheese are a classic, but in Provence, ​these words have a whole new meaning


May–September • food

Not only the flavour of this fish soup is special, but the method of serving it as well

Chestnut Season and Fête de la Châtaigne

October • food

A little province in the South of France is the chestnut capital of the world


June–September | Christmas | Ash Wednesday • food

You might think it's only mayonnaise but you'll discover that it's the centre piece of delicious provençal cuisine

Paris Fashion Week

September 25–October 03, 2018 • event

One of the world's coolest fashion parties!

Hiking the GR20 or Grande Radonnee 20

late June–September  • activity

The most challenging and beautiful hiking trail in Europe

Boat Trips Around Corsica

May–October • activity

Discover Corsica's beautiful seaside and mountain landscape on a remarkable boat ride

Passage du Gois

all year round • activity

Do you dare to meet the hour of driving on one of the world's most dangerous roads?

Mont Saint Michel Tide

August 09–16, 2018 | August 25–31, 2018 | September 07–15, 2018 | September 23–30, 2018 | October 06–14, 2018 | October 22–29, 2018 | November 04–12, 2018 | November 21–28, 2018 | December 04–11, 2018 | December 21–28, 2018 • nature

At one moment it's coastal, at another—an island in the open sea, cut off from the land with 15-meter high tide


June–September  • food

Not the Disney movie, but the mouthwatering stewed vegetable dish from Nice

Saffron Farms

September–October • activity

A precious spice is made out of the beautiful and tender flowers of saffron in Provence

Claude Monet's House & Gardens in Giverny

late March–November 1 • activity

Observe the famous lily pond in the painting and in reality

Corsican Chestnut Beer

May–September • food

A native beer flavour invented on Corsica


April–October • nature

Known for its white cliffs and beaches strewn with rocks, Étretat attracts both tourists and world-famous artists


October–May • food

An exquisite Corsican sheep cheese

Grape Harvest & Festivals

September–mid-November • event

Grape cultivation and wine festivals constitute the tangible part of the French lifestyle. Everyone can join in

Hiking in Normandy

April–October • activity

If you are looking for some fresh air and beautiful landscapes, Normandy is the place to go

Oyster Season

September–April • food

Even if you don't like oysters, you'll love them in France!


September–February • activity

Good waves arrive to Corsica with the cold

Kite and Windsurfing

April–October • activity

Corsica is a great place to learn kite and wind surfing


May–September • activity

Icons of Paris provide some of the world's most romantic settings for a picnic


September–February • food

Try a delicious Corsican specialty—sardines with brocciu and wild herbs

Vichy Spa

all year round • activity

Engage in the recreational activities of the highest society of “la belle époque”


May–September • food

The favourite apéritif of Provence

Cider, Calvados, and Pommeau

September–November • food

Normandy is known for its apples and the best drinks that are made from them

Musée d'Orsay

November–March (all year round) • activity

Some of the best of French Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art is collected at one neat place on Seine's left bank

Palace of Versailles

all year round • activity

Get a sense of royal lifestyle in the residence of the Kings of French Monarchy

Espelette Pepper Harvest & Festival

mid-August–December 1 • activity

Visit the town of Espelette and check out the #1 Basque spice called Piment d’Espelette

Guédelon Castle

March 19–November 04, 2018 • activity

Watch the team of volunteers that aims to build their own medieval castle, using traditional techniques and eco-friendly materials

Hiking in Gorges du Tarn

April–October • activity

Explore a magnificent canyon and search for a medieval castle


Lavender Fields in Bloom

June–August • nature

One of the first things that may come to mind when you think of Provence is views of magnificent blooming lavender fields

Monaco Grand Prix

May 24–27, 2018 • event

Formula One race time is nothing but speed, glamour, passion, noise, and a hint of danger because the cars are never too far away from the barriers

Tour De France

July 07–29, 2018 • event

The world's biggest, most challenging and beautiful cycling event

The Gitan Pilgrimage

May 24–May 25 • event

Watch a s​mall slee​py seaside town of Saintes Maries de la Mer turns into a noisy and wild carnival with Gypsy dancing and music

Sunset in the Arc de Triomphe

mid-May | early August • nature

A biannual natural phenomenon that was not planned by the architect of the monument

Festival De Cannes

May 08–19, 2018 • event

One of the world's biggest and most important events, the Cannes Film Festival speaks for itself

Pétanque World Championship (Mondial La Marseillaise à Pétanque)

July 01–05, 2018 • event

A sport in which the French are the ultimate champions

Ironman 70.3

May 13, 2018 • event

The home of a famous triathlon, Aix-en-Provence, annualy gathers triathletes from all over the world for a big race

Marathon de Paris

April 04, 2019 • event

It's not just about running beside world-famous monuments—music, cheese, and wine tasting wait en route too

Christmas Atmosphere

December–early January • event

Christmas time in Paris is adorable for a number of reasons, yet the most delightful part is the festive dinner on Christmas Eve

Snorkelling and Diving

March–April • activity

Corsican marine life is rich and diverse attracting both professional and amateur divers

Bastille Day or La Fête Nationale

July 14 • event

The military parade held in Paris's main avenue proves to be the largest one in Europe

Warm Up in Covered Passages

November–March • activity

When it's cold and windy outside find a beautiful and cozy old passage and have a cup of tea or shop for souvenirs

Sun and Fun: Beach Season

July–August • activity

Prepare for lively and energetic beach holidays in Corsica

Jazz à Vienne

June 28–July 13, 2018 • event

Two weeks of jazz in an amazing outdoor setting

Chorégies d'Orange

June 20–August 04, 2018 • event

Visit the world's best preserved Roman theatre in Orange when it hosts summer opera festival

The Thirteen Christmas Desserts

December 24–December 25 • food

The sweetest Provençal tradition—lei tretze dessèrts

Olive Picking

November–December • food

In Provence you can still experience traditional farming and take part in olive harvesting

Medieval Festivals

June 09–10, 2018 • event

France is proud of its rich history. It's no wonder that Medieval festivals in the country are so popular

Tour du Mont Blanc

mid-June–mid-September • activity

Conquer Europe's highest mountain and test your endurance

Frog Legs (Cuisses de Grenouille)

early March–early May • food

To eat or not to eat, that is the question

Strasbourg Christmas Markets

late November–December • event

Welcome to Christkindelsmärik—Europe’s oldest Christmas Market

French Alps Ski Season

late December–late April • activity

This is one of best skiing destinations in Europe

Hellfest Open Air Festival

June 22–24, 2018 • event

Join fans of Sepultura, Iron Maiden or Cannibal Corpse during one of the biggest heavy metal music festivals in Europe

Lyon Festival of Lights (Fête des Lumières)

December 2018 (TBA) • event

Once a year, night time in Lyon reveals the city's special colours

Black Truffle

mid-November–mid-March • food

You'll be able to not just taste some black tr​uffles, but also hunt them, visit the truffle fair, or try out other interesting activities offered by local farmers

Herri Urrats Festival

May 13, 2018 • event

Every year, Basque people celebrate their language and culture