Best season to travel to Provence & French Riviera

Olive Picking in Provence & French Riviera 2024

In Provence you can still experience traditional farming and take part in olive harvesting

Best time: November–December

Olive Picking
Olive Picking

The South of France is known for a huge variety of olives and great olive oil. Once winter comes and the olives are ripe, farmers get to work. Usually,​ they need a helping hand and are happy to welcome volunteers during the harvest.

Olive picking is really easy to learn so you don't need any experience. First, some nets are spread under the trees, then the olives are combed or knocked down and collected. It's an easy and satisfying activity that can let you feel the local lifestyle.

It's perfect if you're travelling alone or looking for a break from your usual routine. Some farmers even hold wine and champagne parties afterwards to celebrate the harvest.

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