Best season to travel to Argentina

Olive Harvest

Excellent olive oil is a noble product in the Mendoza Province. Its production is still a family business around here

Best time: April–May

Olive Harvest

Argentina is not only an outstanding producer of fine wines but also fragrant olive oil. Mendoza is the region of the best olivicolas (olive oil factories). Growing olives is a family tradition here that has been continued by generations. The most famous of local olive producers are Pasrai, Simone, Maguay, Bodega Carinae, Laur, and Zuccardi. Visiting olive oil factories, you will learn all about olive growing traditions in Argentina, including cultivation stages, olive harvesting and oil extracting process, and of course, enjoy oil tastings. For more fun, you can relax at the spa for olive oil treatments.

Best of all is to visit the Olivicola Pasrai or Olivicola Simone during the olive harvest that peaks in April and May. If you're lucky enough, you can partake in olive harvesting personally, and even produce your own bottle of freshly pressed oil to take with yourself.

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