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Burrowing Parrot Watching

These parrots are friendly with people, pretty tame, and can even learn the pronunciation of some words!


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These parrots are numerous on Peninsula Valdes. During the mating season in spring and summer they can be seen on cliffs, making their nests.

Burrowing parrots prefer to opt for settlement in deserted places on the rocks. The bird body length is 45 cm and the tail is 24 cm long. The bulk of feathers are painted in olive-brown with a brown tinge on the trunk and green on the head and wings. The abdomen is yellow decorated with red spots. The throat and chest are a grayish-brown colour. The colour of females is brighter than males.

Burrowing parrots use their powerful beaks to dig a hole for a nest. The length of these holes can be up to a meter and may also be extended. The female lays an average of 2-5 white eggs and incubates those for 25 days. Chicks begin an independent life somewhere after 55-60 days.

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