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Marble Caves or Cuevas de Mármol

September–February • nature

This 6,000-year-old formation of marble caverns is washed with turquoise blue waters

Patagonia Wildlife

September–April • nature

The fauna of Patagonia includes cute llamas, fast pumas, grand Andean condors, penguins, sea lions, and dolphins

Penguin Safari

late September–March • nature

Along with cute Chilean penguins you can see their friendly cohabitants including sea lions and lots of birds

Hiking in Patagonia

November–March • activity

The wilderness of Chilean Patagonia is a natural refuge at the end of Earth able to cure the weary soul

Ice Field Trekking

November–March • activity

Ten days spent in an endless ice field—challenging and gruelling, but also amazing and a truly unforgettable experience


September–May • activity

Stunning bike trails run from north to south all along the country, and on the border between Chile and Argentina

Wildflowers of Patagonia

October–February • nature

Gorgeous​ colours paint the roadsides, grasslands, waterfalls, national parks, woods, and steppes of Chile

Guanaco Fighting

early December–early January • nature

According to the strict rules of the animal world, a male has to win the coveted female in a fight

Greater Rhea

August–January • nature

There is a theory that the greater rhea is the first flightless bird and all kinds of ostriches are derived from them


November–mid-April • nature

With the beginning of spring in the Southern Hemisphere, Argentina becomes home to a huge Magellanic Penguin colony

Sailing and Cruising

September–April • activity

The network of Patagonian waterways allows to discover the virgin beauty of gorgeous​ natural landscapes and local fauna

Cascada de Ventisquero Colgante

December–February • nature

Visit the relatively new glacial waterfall at its fullest power!

Perito Moreno Glacier

November–March • nature

Don't be dissuaded by the popularity of this place because no matter how many tourists come, all these people are just a pathetic dot against the background of the vast mass of glacier!

Grazing Sheep

September–May • nature

Remember the proverb: "Eagles fly alone, but sheep flock together?" Imagine what chaos could 60,000 sheep cause


March–May | October–December (all year round) • activity

Discover the mythical Pampas with its parks, reserves, and villages, meet face-to-face with gauchos, and learn about Argentina's traditional rural life

Patagonian Cormorants

October–February • nature

Check out four local shag species while they are nesting in colonies along Argentina's coastline

Burrowing Owl Nesting Season

October–December • nature

These very pretty birds with big yellow eyes make their nests deep underground


November–March • activity

Argentina has a pair of finest wind-blown lakes favoured by keen windsurfers


all year round (best April–December) • nature

Bird lovers from all over the world come to Esteros del Ibera hoping to see some of the world's rarest species

Flamingo Watching

December–February • nature

Pink flamingos are an amazing sight, especially when these birds get together in huge numbers

Southern Elephant Seals

August–March • nature

The Southern Elephant Seals got their name because of the large trunk of adult males, which resembles an elephant's trunk.

Trekking in Bariloche

December–March • activity

Bariloche is rightly called "South American Switzerland" and is ideal for trekking

Domuyo Volcano

October–April • activity

If you have an adventurous spirit and good stamina, explore the active Domuyo Volcano which still shakes and rumbles


November–March • activity

Jump into a boat and explore the water expanses of Patagonia

Southern Giant Petrel

November–March • nature

This truly giant bird impresses with its dimensions, as well as carrion-based diet, and is best observed in breeding colonies on Patagonian coast

White Water Rafting

November–March • activity

Collect your team and set off to conquer river rapids on a raft in Patagonia

Christmas Desserts & Sweets

December 08–January 06 • food

Christmas is a time to taste Argentina's delicious food—especially sweet treats

Ice Climbing

November–April • activity

Ice climbing is very popular, though dangerous, activity in Argentina


Patagonian International Marathon

September 08, 2018 • event

The running route winds through one of world's finest wild landscapes, breathtaking without any exaggeration

Wild Berries

February | April • food

Prickly Heath and Wild Currant harvested at the end of the world's unpolluted wilderness are truly delicious

Sea Lion Pups

January–November • nature

Check out these sea lions and their pups in Puerto Piramides!

Rabas Fritas (Aros de Calamar)

February–August • food

Try this amazing and delicious snack that is ready in a few minutes!

Easter Food

April 01–03, 2018 • food

The largest and most revered religious holiday in Argentina is also a great occasion to try local seasonal treats