Best time to visit Patagonia

Kayaking in Patagonia 2024-2025

Jump into a boat and explore the water expanses of Patagonia

Best time: November–March


There is no better way to explore Patagonia than by kayaking—its beautiful rivers and canyons, amazing fjords and glacial lagoons, and pristine lakes located between lush forest and Andean peaks are not to be missed!

An unforgettable kayaking adventure awaits you on the edge of the earth, along the waterways of Ushuaia. Exploring the rivers, you can make a stop on your way and spend the night camping in a tent. Other lovely spots in Argentina include Peninsula Valdes, Argentinean Lake District around Bariloche, and the area at El Chaltén village.

Chilean Patagonia also provides decent kayaking spots. If you are a beginner, you can arrange a short kayaking expedition in Torres del Paine up to a glacier or a lake trip around the Lake District. For advanced kayakers, there are many difficult routes like the audacious trip to Cape Horn, conquering the Chilean fjords, or exploring the Pumalin national park.

Of course, good weather should accompany any kayakers. The best time of year for this activity is from November through March when there is less chance of rain or strong winds. However, for those who don't mind cold and wind, kayak trips may be available all year round.

Practical info

When is the best time to go kayaking in Patagonia?

Patagonia's kayaking season is from November to March, with more stable weather and fewer rainstorms or strong winds. However, trips can be booked year-round for those who don't mind colder weather. Bookings are available in advance. Show more

Where are the best kayaking spots in Patagonia?

Patagonia has excellent kayaking sites. Ushuaia (Argentina), Peninsula Valdes, and El Chalten village top the list. The Chilean fjords and Pumalin national park offer exciting experiences for experienced kayakers. Short trips for beginners to glaciers in Torres del Paine are also available. Show more

How difficult are the kayaking routes in Patagonia?

Patagonia offers various kayaking routes that cater to people with differing experience levels. Novices may take short trips around the Lake District, while advanced kayakers may venture to Cape Horn. Ensure that you research beforehand the specifics of each route before you begin your journey. Show more

What gear do you need for a kayaking expedition in Patagonia?

When embarking on a kayaking expedition in Patagonia, it is necessary to have a drysuit, a paddle jacket, and a good-quality sea kayak. Lifejacket, spray skirt, helmet, and bilge pump are among other essential items. If you are going to camp overnight, you should bring a tent, sleeping bag, and cooking equipment. Renting equipment locally is a better alternative to carrying it all with you. Show more

Can a beginner do kayaking in Patagonia?

In Patagonia, kayaking is open to everyone. There are trips designed explicitly for beginners. Short and straightforward routes are perfect for those starting. It is important to keep your skill level in mind when choosing your route to ensure a safe experience. Booking ahead of time is recommended to ensure your preferred timing. Show more

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