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Sea Kayaking in Madagascar

Sea kayaking provides excellent opportunities to explore pristine intact beaches

Best time: May–November

Sea Kayaking

Two major sea kayaking routes available in Madagascar uncover vast areas of pristine intact beaches. The first route on the Masoala Peninsula is designed for six-to-nine nights. The second sea kayak route includes the islands of Mitsios and Radamas and thus may last from 6 to 10 days. The starting point is Nosy Be Island, where kayakers get on a crewed catamaran that takes them to the fabulous islands that they can freely explore during the next few days.

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What are the two major sea kayaking routes available in Madagascar?

Kayakers can explore Madagascar's abundant beaches by taking either the Masoala Peninsula sea kayak route, which takes about six-to-nine nights or the Mitsios and Radamas route, which lasts from six to ten days. Both offer unique opportunities to explore the natural beauty available around the islands freely, with plenty of rest time available between days of kayaking. Show more

How long do the sea kayaking routes last in Madagascar?

Kayaking at Madagascar takes a good deal of time. The Masoala Peninsula sea kayak route lasts for about six-to-nine nights, and it takes from six-to-ten days to complete the second-route, including Mitsios and Radamas, allowing tourists plenty of time to explore the natural beauty of the country's coastline fully. Kayakers will experience various islands complete with exciting wildlife and can take as much time as they need to explore them. Show more

What is the starting point for the second sea kayak route in Madagascar?

The Mitsios and Radamas route is the second sea kayak route in Madagascar and begins on Nosy Be Island. Visitors will take on this route in a professionally crewed catamaran, with rest days available between days of kayaking. This six-to-ten-day route will allow kayakers to explore areas of the country that are among the best-preserved, giving tourists ample time to experience various islands and their wild inhabitants. Show more

What is the best time to visit Madagascar for sea kayaking?

The optimal months for sea kayaking in Madagascar are May-to-November. During this period, tourists can experience calm seas, clear visibility, and the best weather for kayaking while enjoying the country's breathtaking coastline, wildlife, and natural surroundings. Since the weather can change unpredictably, it is always advisable to check weather forecasts with professionals to choose the best day for the activity. Show more

What other activities are available besides sea kayaking in Madagascar?

Madagascar has a wealth of activities outside of sea kayaking. Exploring the country's national parks, including Ankarafantsika and Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, and Montagne d’Ambre reveals unique flora and fauna. Moreover, the country is known for lemurs, which inhabit its vast acres of forest, fossas, and aye-ayes, rare species. In addition to these, adventurous tourists can indulge in cycling, kite surfing, and other exciting activities. Show more

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