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Kayaking in Cambodia

Take a relaxing kayak ride on the sea or explore the Mekong river

Best time: October–May


Koh Kong Island offers a variety of possibilities to kayak both at day and night. During the day time you can reach some beautiful lagoons, waterfalls, mangrove areas. You can also go kayaking on Mekong river, exploring Northen Cambodia's wetlands. It's most safe to swim and kayak during the dry season, when waters are low and currents are not that strong.

Practical info

When is the best time to go kayaking in Cambodia?

To experience calmer waters, lower currents, and reduced chances of rain, the recommended time to go kayaking in Cambodia is between October and May, which is the dry season. However, increased rainfall and the possibility of stronger currents in June to September marks the wet season which may not be an ideal time for kayaking given the risks involved. Show more

Where are the best kayaking spots in Cambodia?

Some of the best places for kayaking in Cambodia are Koh Kong Island and the Mekong River. The southwestern location of Koh Kong Island makes it one of the ideal venues for kayaking. On the other hand, the northern wetlands area has ideal kayaking spots along the Mekong river where kayakers can venture into mangrove areas, waterfalls and lagoons. Show more

How safe is it to kayak in Cambodia?

Kayaking in Cambodia is generally safe, but it's important to observe caution and take safety measures. While kayaking, groups with experienced kayakers or guides are advised, and it's also important to wear sunscreen and flotation devices. During the wet season, the elevated water levels may pose more risks of strong currents and flooding which merits extra caution. Show more

What is the difficulty level of kayaking in Cambodia?

Although kayaking in Cambodia requires physical effort, it's a delightful experience that's accessible to both beginner and intermediate levels. While kayaking routes may vary in complexity depending on the season, novice kayakers can easily manage it with a little guidance during the dry season. During rainfall seasons, however, kayaking may be tougher and may require more experience to undertake. Show more

Can I bring my own kayaking gear or will I need to rent it?

In Cambodia, whether to bring your own kayaking gear or rent typically depends on the kayaker's experience level. Rental gear may be advisable for beginners or inexperienced kayakers. Advanced kayakers may opt for their gear to improve their comfort and experience familiarity. A good way to determine what’s best is by checking with the kayaking tour company in advance for rental gear availability. Show more

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