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Sweden is a paradise for paddling, especially its West Coast!

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Sweden's western archipelago is one of the most exciting sites for both canoeing and kayaking. Off the Bohuslan, you will find the best conditions for paddling and almost year-round opportunities for this awes​ome activity.

Every month has something great to offer every kind of paddling enthusiast. For a more exciting and dangerous experience, you might choose March when the ice is starting to melt but might be still frozen in some shallow spots. In this time, the wind is particularly strong, and if it is an easterly wind it might make your return difficult, so it is very important to be careful.

Another exciting time is November when the days get shorter (about 5 hours of light) and colder, but there are hardly any boats around, and there is a big possibility of snow. For some intense paddling try April and June with their warmer and more stable weather conditions, and December when darker and colder days also bring snowstorms and silence.

Finally,​ if you are not sure, the best most convenient conditions are in May, August, and September. In most cases, we would also advise not to plan you paddling trip for January, which brings extremely cold water with blocks of ice floating around and very short days.

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